Super Mario Land is kind of the black sheep of the Mario franchise. The project was headed by a different team instead of series creator Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced a bevy of new mechanics, locations and enemies that haven't really made a re-appearance in later games. Despite this, the game was a launch title for the immensely popular Game Boy and sold over 18 million copies. 


The Dumbest Videogame TieIn Song That was Actually a Hit
In East Germany, the game was Called "Das Plumber"

At that same time in the early 90's, electronic music was hitting big across the world. The music industry was making barrels of cash on hits like "What is Love", "Be My Lover" and other Bar Mitzvah classics. Under the incredibly ballsy psuedonym "Ambassadors of Funk", a DJ by the name of Simon Harris made it to #8 on the UK singles chart in 1992 with a sample-heavy remix he called "Supermarioland ft. MC Mario". What's weird is that the track wasn't cashing in on the entire Mario franchise, but was specifically tied to the spinach-green dot matrix adventure for the burgeoning portable market.


Fair warning: This video is so '90s you might need to drink some Fruitopia just to recover.


Guys, let's break this down:


1) Don't Hire Mario to be in your Dance Crew.

The Dumbest Videogame TieIn Song That was Actually a Hit
Dance for me, my leather-vested puppets! Dance!


2) The Lyrics Suggest that "MC Mario" Thinks the Game is Real

The Dumbest Videogame TieIn Song That was Actually a Hit
Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha rockin' everywhere.


The man known only as MC Mario makes rhymes like "Even my Ma, she thinks I'm crazy, but I got to rescue Daisy" and "She's my lady, my pride and joy, because of her I'm a hero, not a toy boy". It suggests that he has been singularly obsessed with the game's damsel in distress and it raises questions like "does he believe the actions in the game reflect real consequences for an actual princess"? What if this poor individual actually chose the name "MC Mario" because his own individuality is fading away, and eventually the "Mario" figure he admires will consume him? Perhaps there isn't even a guy in a Mario costume with him and this is just a messed up Fight Club scenario? Not since "Pac Man Fever" has a videogame tie-in song captured the reality of mental illness so vividly. 


3) This Video Was Filmed at a Real Awful Amusement Park


According to the video, the theme park known as "Worlds of Adventure" only has a Wild West Saloon, a random Buddha statue, and then randomly a log flume. I'm sure it was just B roll, but out of nowhere there's just a random shot of these dudes on some ride that was probably called Splush Mountain or The Dampinator.

The Dumbest Videogame TieIn Song That was Actually a Hit
What the hell is the guy in the backseat wearing? He looks like a fat ghost.


4) Seriously, Why Make That Guy In The Mario Costume Dance So Much?


The Dumbest Videogame TieIn Song That Was Actually a Hit
We call this move "The Mushroom Shuffle".