5. Gathering collectibles

What you think they mean: 'Wow, you found all the hidden items on the map? You must really know the area like the back of your hand. Good job!'

What they actually mean: 'We're terrible people.'

Make no mistake: collectibles are the developer's PC way to flip us all the bird. It's like 'Sure, we could have made the story twice as long and awesome, but then Greg came up with the idea to just hide hundreds of things called 'blast shards' all over the place instead.' To which I say: 'Aw, c'mon, Greg. Blast shards?' This is the kinda thing that's not really challenging, but still manages to be frustrating as hell. Nervously looking back and forth between the laptop next to me in the bed and the TV and trying to figure out which rooftop I have to get to so I can pick up some garbage is not exactly what I'd call 'fun'.

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'Found another one. Just 271 to go!'

But at least the inFamous games have an excuse. Blast shards increase your power. Sure, there could have been less lazy-ass ways to do this, but still, it could be worse. But in other cases the 'ultimate goal' is unbelievably stupid. Running around Renaissance Italy and searching for feathers? Why would an assassin like Ezio Auditore waste his time on that? To make his dumb mother talk again, which...ya know, should have been doable without the assistance of a specific number of feathers.

  The 5 Worst Types of Achievements and Trophies

'Am I sure I want her to speak again that bad?'