6. Xerneas

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation VI Pokemon

Xerneas, the Gay-Pride Deer FTW!! (Justin Maher)

The majestic, rainbow deer legendary (and mascot of Pokemon X) is Xerneas, who looks like an unholy union between Bambi's dad and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. But the reality is...it's more like Bambi's mom, in that a monstrous human comes along and bags it for themselves. But while Bambi's mom had the luxury of death, this one of a kind, uber-powerful Pokemon is stuck taking orders from a kid and living in a ball. Fun to find out Pokemon is more depressing than the most traumatic Disney movie of all-time.


5. Noivern

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation VI Pokemon

Had to pick Noivern, he was one of the first of the new generation revealed and I instantly fell in love with the sonic bat wyvern, Whats not to love? (Ronald Lofgreen)

Bats have something of a bad rep in the Pokeverse, mostly because of the seemingly endless Zubat caves (and the infinite number of suicidal Zubats that lived within). But Noivern is Game Freak's attempt to reverse the trend with a truly badass bat that's more Batman than Zubat. One thing that gives it an advantage is that it's actually a dragon-in-disguise, which is way better than ol' Zubat, who was basically "your little brother annoying you incessantly for hours"-in-diguise.


4. Aegislash

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation VI Pokemon

one of the best base attack/special attack and defense/special defense at the same time (close enough)? Aegislash all the way. (Sam Banner)

When Honedge was debuted, many scoffed at it as just another example of Nintendo making random objects into Pokemon because they were out of ideas. And maybe that was the case, but if you had to pick a random object, why not make it a sword? Excuse me - a GHOST sword. It's hard to imagine many things cooler than a floating ghost sword that listened to your every command - but soon it evolves into Aegislash and you realize there IS something cooler: a floating ghost sword THAT HAS IT'S OWN SHIELD. Still, you gotta be REAL careful when you breed this thing - having sex with a ghost sword is not recommended for most Pokemon.