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When we were young with a friend we used to play "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" we knew we had to travel in time because we had seen Adult Link's footage, but we didn't know how to do it.

So, since we had already acquired Sun's Song (the one that makes you go forward half a day) we thought that we had to play it 5110 times (seven years). After a couple hours playing the same song over and over we stopped.
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When I was about 15 or 16 my parents went out of town and left my brother and me at home alone. We didn't throw a party or anything but decided to smoke weed. At this point I had only smoked twice and didn't get too high. However, this time I got absolutely blazed. My brother sat down and blasted a new rap cd while I played Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. I played for what seemed like an hour, completely dominating the cp opponents. I only realized when I turned the Xbox off that the first player controller was never even plugged in (but the second port controller was). I think I was watching the demo video the whole time but I'm still not really sure.



My biggest regret in life is at the last San Diego Comic-Con. The first day of the Con, my friends and I dressed up as Captain Planet, Woody and Kick-Ass, and the first couple of hours of the day, we just walked around the downtown area. Naturally, we had a million requests for photos from people, most of which, we did the Charlie's Angels pose in. People really liked it and we entertained ourselves a little too much from doing the pose too. The problem is we never had someone take a picture of us doing the pose for ourselves. Even worse, despite all the times we did it, I google our characters and "Charlie's Angels pose" but nothing has ever come up in all my searches! And that is my biggest regret, being forever separated from the best Charlie's Angels pose my friends and I have ever done. All I ever find is this:

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If you have a picture (or know of one out there on the 'net), please tell me. Thank you.



One year for Halloween I dressed up as G-Man from Half Life complete with tacky blue suit, red tie, and suitcase (which conveniently served as my backpack for the day). The best part was following my best friend, who's last name is "Freeman", around all day in the background. I knew his schedule and planned it so I would be standing at the end of a hallway as he turned into it or looking through the small windows on the doors while he was in class. Every time he saw me I did the exact same thing; adjusted my tie, turned, and walked out of sight.

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I stood in first in line at the world's largest EB Games in Toronto at the Xbox One midnight launch...just to get The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

I played the "you got an item" tone as I picked it up (on my phone).

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