7. Kyurem

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

My top 5 ended up being Scolipede, Genesect, Hydreigon, Kyurem (Sterling Sawyer)

Kyurem is pretty cool in and of itself, but the entire point of Kyurem is not to be used by itself - it's to be fusion'd together with either Zekrom or ol' stumpy-hands Reshiram. After being combined with one of Black/White's legendaries, it turns into an even more powerful version of itself (hinting at the Mega Evolutions that would come in the following generation). Which is a way better way to fuse together than previous generations of Pokemon, like when three Digletts would just start hanging out and then call themselves a new Pokemon.


6. Reshiram

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

I like to think I'm the biggest fan of Reshiram, and if the 300 or so I've gotten on the GTS by trading Gibles doesn't prove it then I don't know what will. (mmingler)

The White Dragon from Pokemon Black (in Nintendo's scheme to drive every single employee of GameStop insane by having to explain that to every customer beforehand) is great - it's a dragon, it's a Fire-type, it's got the usual great stats you would expect from a mascot Legendary - but it also has one fatal flaw: it's hands are real dumb-looking. Look at those stubby little hands attached to its wings! How's it supposed to do anything with those dumb little arm-wing-hands? If you can't give your Reshiram an effective high-five, how can you truly build the important bond between Pokemon and trainer with one?


5. Samurott

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

This was a generation I started off with disappointment and then found myself attached to Pokemon I didn't expect: Samurott, when I planned on starting grass, Whimsicott, and Archeops. (Heather Osburn)


Cute little Oshawott sure did grow up, huh? And into a giant sea lion wearing a shell on its head for uhhhhhhhh...reasons? Let's go with "reasons." I mean, it is a water-type, and sometimes shells just hop on water-types for reasons on occasion (right, Slowbro?). It's kind of a mess of different elements thrown together (shell armor, facial hair, weird body) into one pretty impressive final product, although not exactly what you might expect when picking an adorable sea otter.


4. Hydreigon

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

Hydreigon was a German Flying Hydra (Christian Johnson)

And tied with Dodrio for "Pokemon with the most heads" comes Hydreigon, an injury-prone dragon that keeps adding new consciousnesses (and wings) with each horrifying evolution. And as badass as the cerberus-like triple-headed dark dragon is, it could have been even cooler: in its original design, it was going to be a cybernetic dragon with tank aspects. Maybe it was just too much badass for one Pokemon, which would have made poor Trubbish feel even more insecure.