Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

After 1.7 million votes, the results are in for the best Pokemon from Black & White. And the top 15 from Generation 5 may surprise you - not all the starters made it, not al the Legendaries made it, and having blades on your face proved to be very popular across the board. To help illustrate why each of the Pokemon that made the cut were so popular, we've included a comment from the voting or an email we received. 

So here are the (reminder: according to voters, not ME) greatest 15 Pokemon from Generation 5.


15. Krookodile

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

Krookodile or one of its evolutionary relatives better stay in thetop 15. The awesomeness of that pokemon kept my faith in Gamefreaks designers especially after seeing some of the most retarded looking pokemon like scafty and its evolution line (Daniel Letourneau)

Krookodile has it all - a badass name that shows it lives on the wrong side of the law (Pokelaw?), a type combo that leaves it totally immune to both Electric and Psychic-type attacks, and an intimidating appearance. It's kinda surprising it turns out so evil-looking, given it starts out as the adorable Sandile. Perhaps it represents the innocence America lost as a country in the Watergate scandal. As Richard Nixon said, "I am not a Krook[odile]."


14. Genesect

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

Do I pick in my opinion the cutest pokemon ever created; Cubchoo or do I pick my absolute favorite legendary; Genesect? (Colin Miller)

Colin, let's hope you picked Genesect, because Cubchoo (while being totes cute) didn't come close to placing in the top 15 - and you do wanna be on the winning side right? Well, the way to the winning side is with Genesect, the last legendary of Generation 5, and one of the best - an ancient bug that was fitted with a metallic body and a laser-cannon on its back. It's also the only Bug-type legendary, since bugs tend to not make for the best Pokemon, except in rare instances when they've been mutated by an evil gang and had a cannon strapped to their back. As luck would have it, that's where Genesect fell in.


13. Bisharp

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

Yeah, Bisharp is my number 1. Pretty decent sweeper too with the ability Defiant (attack stat rises sharply in response to any attempted stat lowering) and iron head for same-type attack bonus. (Dustin Rowland )

While Bisharp has pretty solid stats and moves and all of the things that are important for the people who take competitive Pokemon battling very seriously, there's one very important facet of this creature that tends to be glossed over: it looks like a cool-as-hell samurai warrior thing. It's got blades on its forearms, thighs that would make Chun-Li jealous, and - oh yeah - and axe-blade on its damn head.


12. Golurk

 Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation V Pokemon

Golurk is 11th, i can live with that. (Laurent Clabots)

Well, Pokemon finally did it - they made a giant robot Pokemon that's pretty much just a giant robot. Miraculously, it's not even a Steel-type - it's some kind of ground/ghost (apparently the protector of an ancient people). But you have to admit (whether it looks like a giant robot or a living statue or whatever), Golurk is pretty awesome-looking. It's notable for being one of the few Pokemon not designed by Ken Sugimori - this was designed by a British guy named James Turner. But before you start heaping praise on him, remember that he also gave us Vanilluxe - so he deserves double praise.