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One of my most memorable moments of any Convention to date would of been last year, when me and my friends were waiting for an elevator that seemed to take forever to get to our floor. Finally, it opens up to reveal a full-suited Batman doing Gangnam Style in the elevator with a Cookie Monster underneath. The sheer randomness and unexpected act made me laugh, while my other friends were too shocked to even react. It was one of those moments where you had to be there to fully enjoy it, but I'll never forget the grin on Batman's face as he danced. Oh, how he danced. 



 - Pash






So at Denver Comic Con this year, both me and a friend went, hoping for an interesting day or two of stuff to do there. At the convention center we were getting bored, so we went outside, and then I got a massive nosebleed. It was really odd, because the last time I remember getting a nosebleed was roughly third grade. Since we were outside and had no tissues, I had to improvise. There was a superhero themed slider restaurant that was handing out coupons, and I walked right up the poor employee and just started taking the coupons and shoving them in my nose. Not the best moment for either of us. We both tried to be normal while my friend went and got me some real tissues.


But when I thought that it couldn't get any stranger, a guy came up to me: "Can I take a picture of your nosebleed? I just really like nosebleeds." I replied that he could, I even posed for the photo. That's when my friend and I decided it was time to leave, and neither of us came back the next day.





Pwn Up: Con Artists

Back in 2011, I went to DragonCon as an Aperture Scientist (complete with a homemade replica Portal Gun my buddy and I made with our blood, sweat, and science). I was getting stopped for photos all weekend but while walking around I heard a familiar voice yell at me. When I turned around, it was Jonathan Coulton, the man who wrote "Still Alive" and "Want You Gone" for the Portal games. He actually stopped me so he and his friends could check out the gun. After a few minutes of me explaining how it was made, he went ahead and signed it. It's moments like these that make conventions so much fun.


- Wayne



A friend of mine was in a campus club who was hosting a Smash Brothers Tournament, with the first prize being $25 and an Extra Large Pizza, needless to say I entered the competition. When I got there, the only participants were the Anime Club (in it's entirety) and a couple of their friends. Gracefully and with great awkwardness at the same time, I managed to completely slaughter the lot of them. It was down to the President of their club and me, and on a 5 stock match, I won with 3 remaining lives. They all looked kinda pissed, but I was gracious and polite, so I just figured that they were a little bummed that someone outside of the club beat them all, no biggie. The next year, I asked my friend if they were having another Smash Brother tournament; he paused for a moment then said that it had already taken place a week ago. When I asked him why he didn't tell me, he said that I was specifically banned by the club from entering the contest. I still can't tell if I should be proud or ashamed of this.

- Jace 

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