The Bloody, Bloody History of Horror Games


So, you're an English filmmaker who wants to make a documentary about Horror Games (or "spook-em-ups" as they were known in the 80s)... unfortunately that costs a bunch of filthy shillings that you don't currently have. When Anthony Carpendale found himself in this amazingly common situation he turned to kickstarter for help.

Playing With Fear is a documentary film and web series that will explore the history of scary games and the twisted minds who made them. Most of the budget is going towards travel expenses as the crew goes across the world to interview game developers because as it turns out, horror games are an international endeavor. They'll meet with studios from across Europe, Asia, and America who have all been squirting out nightmare fuel like a spastic cuttlefish (note to self, eat a delicious meal as a reward for writing that last analogy). One of the first things released by the project is this incredible 3 minute walkthrough of the decades-long history of horror in interactive media, from the nonsensical blips of the Atari era right up until the indie-horror renaissance we've been experiencing with titles like Amnesia and Outlast:




For more information on the project, or if you want to back it with your hard earned pounds, you can see their pitch video here or visit their Kickstarter page.