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A random conversation between two people who did not know each other on Halo Reach:Xbox live player 1: Hey didn't you T-bag me earlier today?Xbox live player 2: I don't know.Xbox live player 1: Do you T-bag a lot?Xbox live player 2: I did T-bag a guy in Spire.Xbox live player 1: Yup, that was me.Xbox live player 2: Oh……. sorry dude. -Steve S.

"Have you ever masturbated with buttered popcorn?"-Bryan B. playing team deathmatch in MW2

Playing Red Dead Redemption the other day I got embroiled in a massive land grab in Armadillo.  A few of the guys in my posse had Southern accents, and the rest of us had, normal-ish voices (not Southern). Suddenly the posse leader pipes up with "Y'know I like y'all. You talk like British people but, I like you cause you're not British."  WTF?-Michael R.

I was playing Modern Warfare 2 the other day and this guy was getting yelled at by what I assume was his girlfriend or wife.  Finally he said, "I had told you if you slammed the door one more time I was gunna smack that sandwich right out your hand.  Didn't I say that?"-Justin

While playing a game of infection in Halo: Reach, and out of the blue someone said to an annoying younger player "I wanna stick my dick in your dick and have sex with you".-Flynn

While exchanging trash talk before a match of Halo 3, one of the members of the other team asked "Hey, do you like dragons?" I said no, to which he replied "Too bad. 'Cause I'mma be draggin' my nuts across your face this whole game." All we could do was give him props for a great joke.-Matt

I was waiting in a lobby for MW2 and I'm listening to this conversation between a bunch of older teenagers and what sounded like a 10 year old. The 10 year old was talking shit, and told the teenagers that he was too busy sucking a chode to argue with them. The teenagers asked "do you even know what that is, little fag?" and he just said "It's a vagina, right?"-Aidan