The Large Pixel Collider: The Most Redonkulous Rig Ever


The PC Master race just got another reason to be smug. From the twisted machinations of PC Gamer magazine (formerly the world's premiere source of demo cds and demo cd based news) comes this mammoth machine that was created for the sole purpose of running and capturing high-end PC games at resolutions beyond 4K. The actual cost of the machine is almost a parody of PC gaming exccesses. It has 4 Nvidia Titan graphics cards costing $1000 a pop and the 64 GB of onboard RAM alone is priced at over $3300. The whole rig needs a custom-built liquid cooling system, and will have an electricity bill equal to that of South Korea. What's really impressive is, as is true of all high-end gaming PCs, it's a great preview of what specs your phone will have in 20 years.



The Large Pixel Collider is already on the loose. Here's the high-res footage it's captured of the famously resource-heavy "ArmA III". It's entirely possible your computer will have trouble even processing the footage captured from this wannabe Skynet.