2. The Evil options are cartoon villainy

When I was younger, I liked picking the Evil options. My reasons were simple. Even back then, I understood that actions have consequences, and I would have felt bad if I intentionally caused harm to someone for no reason. That's what society calls a conscience. But conscience has nothing to do with video games, and I didn't feel bad about bringing harm to a bunch of ones and zeroes. Playing as an Evil character was like discovering an uncharted territory, and that gave it an incredible appeal. But then something changed and I didn't particularly feel like doing it anymore. I grew up.

I grew up, and realized: "Wait a minute! This is horseshit!" The problem was not playing as a villain. The problem was playing as an impulsive, stab-happy, rabid murderbeast. Because those don't make good villains. When you play one of the Knights of The Old Republic games, you can't be the evil mastermind manipulating from the shadows and wearing a grandfatherly smile in public. You can't be a Darth Sidious. You can only be Dark Jedi Imma Fakyu Upp. Or Sith Lord Darth Massmurder.

5 Recurring Mistakes In Moral Choice System Based Videogames

Not pictured: You

The game developers want you to feel like a really evil bastard when you want to play that way. However, they are also lazy as fuck, and it's beer o'clock anyway.  So they make the conclusion that killing and stealing are really nasty stuff, give you the opportunity to kill and steal a lot and call it a day. None of that is Master Manipulator territory, and it's really hard to take it seriously after a while. Going into a room and killing someone because you can is not evil. It's insane.

Since I realized that, I usually go with the Good option, except when I'm really against it personally for some reason (remember, I'm gray, just like everyone else). But it's really tempting to just go all Good when...