11. Espeon

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation II Pokemon

Poor little Eevee, the dog/cat-thing with the least stable genetic coding this side of the Spider-Man universe, just can't stop mutating into new types of dog/cat-things. In Gen 2, Eevee picked up two new possibilities, one of which was the unsettling-looking psychic-type Espeon. Apparently, it's based off of the legend of nekomata, which are "fork-tailed goblin cats." If these things were real, they would definitely have an internet meme made in their honor.


10. Raikou

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation II Pokemon

In one of the most annoying features to be added to Pokemon, Raikou and his other Legendary beast buds were roaming Pokemon. This meant they would be jumping around the map all the time and fleeing from battle, instead of sitting in one spot, waiting to be attacked by a child, like a good Legendary is supposed to. Raikou, the electric sabretooth tiger,

A Haiku About Raikou (I know it's prononced "Rai-ko" but whatever)

     Roaming Legendary

     The Noble, Powerful Beast...

     Fucker fled again.


9. Ho-Oh

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation II Pokemon

Pokemon fans were trained early on to be excited about Ho-Oh - it appears at the end of the first episode of the anime, back when we only knew about 151 Pokemon. It was then revealed as being one of two major Legendary birds in Gold/Silver. Of course, it ended up being the less-cool Legendary of Generation 2 (at least, according to our voters) and definitely the more-dumb-named one (at least, according to me).


8. Feraligatr

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation II Pokemon

Feraligatr - also known as "the most hilarious example of Game Freak picking a name that was clearly too long for their character limit but they refused to back down" - is sorta the Charizard of Gen 2 (the starter Pokemon that looks a lot like a dragon but isn't a dragon for some reason). But the thing Feraligatr truly has that sets it apart from the pack is one hell of an ass: