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  Pwn Up: Monsters in my Pocket  

 When I turned 12 I wanted a dog really badly but my family didn't have much money so for my birthday I got the next best thing: a Tamagotchi. I wasn't so thrilled at first, but after a couple of poop cleaning cycles I started to grow attached to it. I even asked my parents to come back early from our holidays because I had forgotten Dick (yes, that was the name of my egg shaped, monochrome pixel-made friend) in one of my drawers. 

After that episode I took him everywhere with me, obsessively checking his status every 5 minutes to check he was okay. I even went as far as to take him to school with me every morning, even though it wasn't allowed. I kept him hidden and was able to bypass my teachers' attention for a good couple of months, until...

One afternoon, after school, I was waiting for the bus with a friend when suddenly 3 kids about our age jumped us out of nowhere. They had blades and we had no experience fighting so we didn't put up any resistance. I gave them my bag while firmly holding Dick hidden in my pocket.

They seemed appeased by the contents of my bag, all except for one kid who kept looking at me with curiosity. He eventually told his friends I had something hidden in my pocket and forced me to show it to them. I resisted and took one hell of a beating before they snatched Dick out of my clenched fist. They looked at him, didn't know what it was, laughed and threw him to the street. I watched in shock how a pickup truck turned my friend into dust.

My friend helped me get up, but I wouldn't have it. I walked back home alone, bruised and dirty, crying the whole time. I felt responsible, as if I had betrayed and lost a friend.

When I finally got a dog the next year, I took care of him like he was the most important living thing in this world. To this day we remain best friends, even in his final years. His name is Dick.




When I was a kid I was really obsessed with the Chao garden in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I'd spend all day looking up breeding guides online and I had a binder filled with notes. At night I would wait till my mom went to bed and I would sneak downstairs and play the game until 6 AM. I had elaborate plans for not getting caught, things like putting pillows under my blankets to make it look like I was asleep, jumping behind the couch and hiding if I heard my anyone coming downstairs. At one point my brother caught me so I had to let him play with me. To this day I still own Sonic Adventure 2: Battle so I can play with my Chaos.



I had one of the original Digimon keychains, and had gone through several mons, never having one live past his early twenties.  (A little under a month)  But eventually I noticed a pattern, not one of them passed away in their sleep, and they always slept at the same hours, so I started to continually change the clock on it.

It lived long past 99 days, into my technologically induced coma, till the day the battery ran dry. 

I had an 90+% win record, with almost a thousand fights.

Rest in peace MetalGreymon.



Once I was playing Pokemon Ruby with my friend. He was over at my house with his Gameboy Advance and I had mine. We just discovered that there was that Pokemon called "Latios" flying all over Hoenn, so we dedicated ourselves to catching it. After a while my friend shouted something along the lines: "Hey! I found Latios" so I responded: "No way!" I looked at his Gameboy and there was nothing there. He laughed and laughed as I dejectedly went to my Gameboy. Then, my heart skipped a beat because the after very next step I took into the tall grass, there it was. Latios, just waiting for me to catch it.

 Sadly I already used my Masterball. As soon as it arrived, it fled.

 Still, it was the most thrilling moment I ever had in playing a game.




We also got this lovely email from a fan. Noticed we said "email" and not "an actual package of delicious cupcakes". What a jerk.


Hello dorkly,

My fiance (now wife) wanted to do something nice for our upcoming wedding. She asked me to pick any video game theme for the groom's cake. With the rich gaming/nerdy background I come from, picking one game to pick was impossible. I decided it would be best if I picked 100 iconic video game/comic themed symbols. They came out great!

I just wanted you to know I've been a big fan of you guys :)

Pwn Up: Monsters in my Pocket



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