6 EPIC Celebrity Videogame Cosplays


Kate Upton as Selfie Girl (Grand Theft Auto V)

10 EPIC Videogame Cosplays

The Three Stooges co-star Kate Upton pulled off this epic cosplay of the selfie girl (featured in much of GTA V's advertising) in a spread for Sports Illustrated - and she did it months before the official art came out! She got all the details right, even down to her facial features! Only problem - messed up the bikini color and mistook a shell for a cell phone. Other than that - she "stole" the show!

Grade: B-


Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes (Beyond: Two Souls)

10 EPIC Videogame Cosplays

X-Men: The Last Stand's Ellen "Ellie" Page just hit the videogame cosplay world like a hurricane with this insanely great Jodie outfit from Beyond: Two Souls.  Flannel? Check. T-shirt underneath? Double check. A bunch of weird necklaces? TRIPLE check. Looks identical to Ellen Page? TRIPLE CHECK IS THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF CHECKS THIS OUTLET ALLOWS BUT IF WE COULD WE AWARD THIS WITH A QUADRUPLE CHECK!

Grade: B+


Bob Hoskins as Mario (Super Mario Bros.)

10 EPIC Videogame Cosplays

Robert "Bob" Hoskins - acclaimed stage actor and all around lovable guy - is harboring a secret: he's obviously a huge gamer. Just check this Mario cosplay he donned recently (or, at least, we found recently while Googling "bob hoskins nude pics XXX"). He's got it all - the mustache, the hat, the rage-filled eyes that long to murder turtles. Assuming Bob Hoskins natural accent is that of a cartoonishly stereotypical Italian person, he's got "1-up" on the competition!

Grade: A-


Ellen Page as Ellie (The Last of Us)

  10 EPIC Videogame Cosplays

Ellen Page just cannot stop cosplaying her favorite videogame characters! Just check this FULL OF WIN cosplay she did of Ellie from The Last of Us! I mean, Ellen Page even adopted the character's first name! Wow! Frankly, it's hard for me to tell the two apart at all. Excellent work, Ms. Page.

Grade: A+ 


Ellen Page as Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

10 EPIC Celebrity Videogame Cosplays

Ellen Page is on the "ram"-page! Here she is in a hella good Ada Wong cosplay. Other than the dress being the wrong color, you gotta admit that she's getting this cosplay thing down to a science.

Grade: A 


Ellen Page as Reptile - Invisible Mode (Mortal Kombat)

10 EPIC Videogame Cosplays

Ellen Page is pulling out ALL the stops! She went so far as to become invisible (as far as we can tell - I mean, why else would that chair have her name on it?) to mimic the look of Reptile from Mortal Kombat (when he's in Invisible Mode). Removing herself from our visual spectrum? That's dedication.

Grade: A+++