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Pwn Up: HaloIs It Me Youre Looking For


This week, my girlfriend and I had our fifth year anniversary. The day was nearly over and we didn't have enough time to enjoy a romantic movie, so I said I had an alternative and popped in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Knowing she didn't know a whole lot about it, I played through the entire Kafei and Anju sidequest. She smiled at Anju's promise to wait, sat there scared that Kafei wouldn't make it back to the inn in time, and was utterly gratified when Kafei and Anju finally reunited.



Back in the day when Halo first came out, I had a group of friends that always hung out and played multiplayer. One of the guys, lets call him KC,  was REALLY into his gamertag: Knight.  One night when we were playing, before he could sign into the game I created a character under his gamertag, thus rendering him unable to choose the name Knight in the current game.  This upset him so much that he ran downstairs (playing system link) and tried to break down the door which we had locked. After that proved useless he packed his stuff and drove home.  On his way home he called us up and screamed that if we wanted to play under that name, we had to fight him for it.  The next time he came out to play, we let him choose his character, but everyone else's gamer tags were some sort of pun on the word Knight:  Knight Lite, Knight Boat, Kniet Coke, and Knight Rider.



I've been teaching my high school students for over a month now.  I should know everyone's name & how to pronounce them, but I still don't.  One girl is named Hodolis.  I never call on her because I asked her like three times how to say her name and it's too far into the semester for me to not know.  I decided to call on her one day and I pronounced it "Hodorless."   I held my breath, fearing some Game of Thrones fan would start cracking up.  No one did.  Whew.


I only talk to 3 people in the gym: my friends, those who get what my Black Mesa Research training top is, and those who think it means im an actual scientist.



My friend and I were talking in the football locker room before a junior varsity football game. My friend was talking about art work so I asked one of my other friends who was nearby what he was currently drawing. He said Caterpillar. My friend and I heard Caterpie. So we started arguing because he said my other friend should draw Weedle but I stated that Weedle wasn't as cool as Caterpie. It was completely my opinion but we ended up arguing for about five minutes when my other friend finally asked what we were talking about. So we told him our opinions and he said that he had said Caterpilllar. I still think he said Caterpie, but whatever.



I have always loved Halo 3 multiplayer. It is so much better than Halo 4 and Halo Reach. I feel that is was the last game that was still very true to the original. My friends and I still prefer to play it. When it went Games for Gold, I decided to celebrate and play some Slayer and have a few drinks. A few drinks turned into a drunken Halo killing spree. I kicked so much ass and talked so much shit, and then it hit me! I don't remember much more. I woke up with a bunch of hate messages and a broken microphone.

-Nicholas (see below)


Pwn Up: URLs Are Fun To Read Right


Pwn Up: URLs Are Fun To Read Right


Pwn Up: URLs Are Fun To Read Right