3. Thwackin' Town Residents in Animal Crossing

5 Games That Actually Prove How Messed Up Kids Are

Animal Crossing is about the friendliest franchise you can find - you live in a quaint little village, everyone says nice things to you and sends you kind-hearted letters and gives you furniture. The closest thing to a villain in the game is Tom Nook, an insanely nice guy who gives you huge loans even with your non-existent credit history and allows you to pay it off whenever you feel like it. In this beautiful, sweet, innocent world, of course people resort to violence and anger.

The only thing that could even potentially motivate violence is the idea that you might find some of the individual animal villagers a little annoying. The method most people resort to is whacking villagers with nets or axes and writing them nightmarishly horrible letters. Neither of these things have even been proven to work. Really, any kid who feels the need to thwack a cartoony anteater with an axe deserves a stern lecture from Mr. Resetti.


4. Drowning and Murdering Customers in Rollercoaster Tycoon

5 Games That Actually Prove How Messed Up Kids Are

Running a successful amusement park requires a few things: some land, some cash, a little bit of moxy, and -PLEASE Mr. Bridgman stop picking up the customers with your magic tongs and dumping them in a pond to drown. Also, you really need to finish building the rollercoaster you've decided to call "THE EXECUTIONER." Right now, it just launches 16 park-goers onto the cement at 95mph. And they have to pay $6.75 for that privilege. Also, every inch of this park is covered in vomit. Also, $20 to use the bathroom? That seems a little steep. This is not going to go over well with the investors. The ones you haven't already drowned, that is.