1. Producer

    Alright, we're ready for this, a new Sonic and Tails game-

  2. Tails

    Wait, Sonic and Tails? Like, Sonic first?

  3. Producer

    Yup. You're a great sidekick kid.

  4. Tails

    Oh, okay. I don't know, I just figured, you know, I was in charge.

  5. Producer


  6. Tails

    Yeah. You know, a flying fox. That's pretty bad ass.

  7. Producer

    Well, yeah, but-

  8. Tails

    Also I'm immortal. Every time I die I fly back in like, what, five seconds? That's awesome!

  9. Producer

    I don't think you get it. Sonic is really fast.

  10. Tails

    We're aware I am equally fast, right? I can spin-dash too. Oh, and hey, I also, fly. That's pretty cool. So maybe I should be first…

  11. Producer

    No, it goes Sonic and Knuckles and Tails.

  12. Tails


  13. Producer

    The Echidna.

  14. Tails

    What the hell is an Echidna?

  15. Producer

    Echidna's and Hedgehogs are just so cool!

  16. Tails

    Um…mutant fox over here. Pretty cool.

  17. Producer

    And Knuckles is great. Get this: he can glide.

  18. Tails

    We're aware I can fly, right? I've mentioned that, right? It's kind of my thing.

  19. Producer

    And climb up ledges. It's almost like, well, flying!

  20. Tails

    Awesome. Sonic and Knuckles and Tails. Effing perfect.

  21. Producer

    Well, no. We're just calling it Sonic and Knuckles.

  22. Tails

  23. Producer

    -And Big the Cat and Amy Rose and Shadow.

  24. Tails


  25. Producer

    We're talking to Slippy Toad about a spin-off.

  26. Tails

  27. Producer

    You'll make a great sidekick for him.