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Back in 1997 I was in 7th grade and president of the Star Trek club at school. Then the Star Wars special edition was released and I founded the Star Wars club. I was and still am huge fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek. After that, people started making fun of me for loving Star Trek. Following three weeks of torment, I began seeing a therapist. I ended up having an emotional breakdown in his office. It wasn't because I was being made fun of at school. It was because I couldn't decide what I liked more: Wars or Trek.-Nate

There has not been a single moral or otherwise challenging decision I've made since finishing Dragonball and Dragonball Z where I didn't ask myself, "What would Goku do?"-Jonathan

When I was 12, I wrote to Marvel because I thought I found a flaw in a Fantastic Four comic and wanted a "No Prize," which is an empty envelope rewarded to people who find continuity flaws. I told them not to publish my address at the end of the letter. Not only did they publish my letter, dig in to me for being wrong, and include my address, they must have thought I was a loser who needed someone to write to, so they also signed me up for their pen-pal program.-Anonymous

When I was little my parents gave my N64 to my cousin and got me a PS2. I recently learned that my aunt THREW OUT Ocarina Of Time and gave the N64 to my cousin's friend, who broke it in two weeks. When I found out, I tied up my cousin and made him listen to the Battletoads pause music for two hours.-Jessica

This past summer, I was at the super market with my dad, buying some bread from the bakery department. As we were waiting, I saw a Spiderman birthday cake. It was obviously for three-year-olds. I half-jokingly told my dad I wanted it for my birthday. He looked at it and then turned to know me said, "Yeah, I know you would."-Victor (Age 19)

I was so excited to play Fallout: New Vegas on opening day that I opened the packaging at a red light, so I'd be able to put it in my Xbox that much faster when I got home.-Anonymous

I work for an Internet ad-serving company that worked on a campaign for Halo: Reach. To showcase this on our own site, the graphic designer was cutting out some images of Halo characters, and she asked me for my opinion of what to show. I gave her a lengthy lecture about why it's stupid to put a grunt fighting Jorge. I told her to use an elite instead of a grunt, and pointed out that the elite should not be the same height as Jorge.-Gary

I asked my friend (and boss) what he did the other night, he said "I left my anime at work, so I played WoW instead."-Anonymous