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Pwn Up: Downtown HotBlooded Pwnio One time while playing Skyrim, I had no important quests to do, so I used the console commands to make my wife Ysolda a follower and took her out on a date night.  We went down to the Winking Skeever for dinner, where we talked about (what else) khajit and sleeping tree sap, how her store was doing, and how our daughter liked living in Solitude.  We danced to some of Lisette's songs and drank the night away.  Then we took a long midnight walk down by the water, and finally headed home for some Lover's Comfort.  Since then, every time I find a scenic spot during a quest, I remember to bring Ysolda there for a date afterwards, where we'll go for a quiet walk or just take in the scenery.



I just bought a house with my wife and a few days later GTA V came out, I was so excited I went and picked it up on my way to work at 3AM. Once I got home to play it I couldn't put it down. My wife had planned a day for us to go move our remaining items at our old house and she left early so I could clean up our yard. Once I was done rather than leaving to go help at the old house (like I had planned and was told to do) I played GTA V.... for 3.5 hours. My wife wont talk to me right now.



I was at my girlfriend's parent's house for Thanksgiving, and I was set up to room with her younger brother. Late one night, I was up late playing The Force Unleashed, when I realize he's talking on the phone. He's been calling up people all night but it's pretty obvious this is a girl he's into. Out of politeness I pretend not to notice and keep playing. As he begins to engage in some kind of phone sex, I try turning up the volume but I don't want to wake up everyone with the sounds of explosions. As I get tired and sore from furiously ragdolling thousands of stormtroopers, I don't dare stop because then I'd have to face the reality of what's taking place under the blanket behind me. As the night drew on I realized how short the game actually was. I eventually overheard him saying into the phone that "there's so much of it" and when the game finally ended and I replayed the ending to get the alternate cutscene, I got the hell out of there to let him clean up.

Weirdest Thanksgiving ever.



I am on my high school's quiz bowl team. This previous Saturday, dressed in our team's customary business suits, we participated in a state-wide tournament in Alexandria, Louisiana. During one particular round, we had an uncontested set of  bonus questions. They were all on prime numbers, and he captain of the team had to give the answers during this section. I suddenly, I heard our judge, who was a 40-something nun, ask a question along the lines of "In it's original incarnation, how many Pokemon were there." Knowing that our time was about to run out I essentially shouted "One hundred fifty-one!" to our captain, who then had to turn to the judge, somewhat flabbergasted, and repeat the answer. After the bonuses were finished, I noticed that a few people on the other team were eyeing me. I then proceeded to pull a baby-blue DSi, loaded with Black version, out of my suit's pocket, held it to the sky, and announced to the room, "As you can see, I know my Pokemon." It made my day even though we eventually lost in the semi's. 



honestly believe that games make us connected and give to us a new language. I came from Brazil to the USA for E3, but my English was horrible (compared to how it is now). When I arrived, I tried to communicate with other people since I did not know exactly where E3 was, but I failed as soon I started talking. Then I saw a guy dressed in a t-shirt saying ''I still believe in Half-Life 3'', so I thought it was my chance. I tried to say something about E3, but since my pronunciation made 'E3' sound completely different, I tried another way to communicate.

I used my guitar to play Saria's Song. The guy looked into my eyes and pointed directly to E3.