1. Link

    Okay, everyone ready?

  2. Ness


  3. Captain Falcon

    Let's do this.

  4. Mario

    Wait, wait, hold up. This is a-absurd!

  5. Link

    Stutter or accent?

  6. Mario

    A-screw you. You have a sword!

  7. Link

    Oh, this? Yeah, but don't worry. I'm not very good.

  8. Mario

    How can you not be good? You have a sword!

  9. Link

    And bombs.

  10. Mario

    All I can do is punch people!

  11. Captain Falcon

    Oh, me too.

  12. Mario

    See? And-

  13. Captain Falcon

    Except a giant falcon made of fire hits them and it's totally lethal. Those kind of punches.

  14. Mario

    And-also, we're fighting a mouse and a kid! How can I hit a kid?

  15. Ness


  16. Mario

    Okay, I guess I can hit a kid then. But there should be regulations. Like, what if someone had a gun?

  17. Fox

    Hey guys.

  18. Mario

    Great. Just great.

  19. Fox

    Oh calm down. It could be worse.

  20. Mario

    How could it be possibly-

  21. Luigi

    Hey guys!

  22. Mario

    Got it.