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Apparently, I am not the only choir kid who plays on live. During a game of Halo 3, which was being particularly laggy that day, I began singing "A tribute to John Williams" during one of the bouts of lag. I was surprised to hear my song continued on by another player, perfectly matching my pitch and rhythm.-Simon
After winning a match of slayer on Halo Reach, one of my teammates says "Good Game" just as the scores post and the loading screen starts. I then proceed to say "Yeah it was great" at the same time a guy on our team yells "how do my nuts taste!?" All my team heard was me saying "Great" as a response. By the way I'm a girl.-Linda
I was playing Halo Reach and at one point one of my teammates yelled "EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!!" and left the game.-Caspar
Playing MW2 one night and my one buddy was having a conversation with his dad and forgot to mute his mic when we hear him say "I wouldn't come downstairs later, I'll probably be laying here in the chair playing video games naked".  -Nick B.
My friend has some unnatural obsession with Tails. So bad he went out and bought a plushie of him. So one day we were playing Red Dead Redemption.  Me and a few friends remembered there were foxes in Red Dead Redemption.  So we went hunting with our Tails loving companion. Needless to say we killed many foxes and teabagged them yelling at our poor friend "this is what you really do to Tails." He started crying and left the game and party.My friend is 28.-Simon

My group of friends from high school and I were doing our annual new years LAN party with Halo 3 and ODST. We all decided to switch to Xbox live, but my account reverted to silver earlier that day, and was about to be forced to play as a guest. I remembered that my console had been refurbished, and thought that maybe, just maybe I would be able to make a new trial account, and indeed I was able to. This was after Obama won the presidency, and we found a soundboard with things he had said and things that were synthesized, but sounded incredibly accurate. I created my account as BARACKOBAMALULZ, and we proceeded to go into matchmaking… with my headset by the computer speakers. A lot of people we met thought it was really him, and I was able to have a short conversation with them. The sound board had a response to almost everything, including racial slurs. Those came in handy against all the prepubescent kids we kept encountering. At the end of the night, my inbox was filled with hate mail and people laughing their asses off.-James
A couple of years ago while I was playing Gears of War there was a player who was not talking into his Mic but there was a female voice in the background the entire game. Finally the guy playing screamed with the Mic still attached to his head, "BECKY WE WILL GO TO APPLEBEES WHEN I'M DONE!!!". -JP Dolezal