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Pwn Up: The Pwnening I play a LOT of Borderlands 2. So much to the point that, whenever I have a lot of things to do, I list them out on a piece of paper as mission objectives. The most important ones (school work, chores, doing stuff at my job) are Story missions and the stuff I can do eventually (writing, calling old friends, watching a TV show/movie) are Optional missions. I even came up with a way to give myself EXP. for doing them. I'm currently at level 25.

I'm a budget gamer, so it wasn't until fairly recently that I got to play Fallout 3. About 20 hours in, I found the follower Charon.  He stayed with me and saved my ass numerous times for the next 30 or so hours of the game.  Then I got to the Citadel and met Star Paladin Cross. I wanted her as a follower, so when I broke the news to Charon, I left my old follower some good armor (Talon Combat Armor and Power Armor), a couple different rifles (my preferred weapon style  in the game), most of my shotgun shells (since that's what he likes to use) and a couple thousand caps. The same thing happened when I was close to finishing the main story and found Fawkes.  As I told Cross she can stop being my follower, I gave her a bunch of weapons, armor, and caps as thanks for her assistance. I think of it as severence pay.

Earlier this year I had ran out of games to play so I started free roaming on Just Cause 2, I'd mainly just fly helicopters about. Around the same time my dad had gotten us a remote control helicopter. When I was using it one night a text came in on my phone. I had played so much Just Cause on my Xbox that I pressed the non existent start button on the rc helicopters controller to try and pause it. As I put the controller down it flew up, hit the ceiling, bounced down and cut my ear. I stopped playing Xbox for awhile afterwards. 

I picked up Sword of Mana for the GBA earlier this year just from hearing it was a decent game, and soon after I met this girl at my job. We talked for a few months, I grew to have a crush on her, and I decided to use her name in the game for one of the characters. Racked up a good 30+ hours into the game, got the job class I wanted, and got into a decent portion of the game. Then I found out that she had a boyfriend and I had no chance with her. So lesson learned, don't put your crush's name on game because you never know when you have to delete a decent game save so you don't get depressed every time you play.

When X and Y were announced, I was as ecstatic as any Pokémon fan. I had actually started with Yellow when it first came out. I did well, even if I pretty much ignored any sense of strategy and type effectiveness. However, my game came to a grinding halt when I reached Viridian gym and Giovanni. It wasn't even any of his ground-types that gave me trouble. It was his Double Team-spamming Persian that swept my team every time I challenged him. Eventually, I gave up, deleted my game, and never looked back.
I still stayed in touch with Pokémon over the years, watching the Anime and movies. Last year, I even caved in and got Black version. I breezed through the game, loving every second of the game, and finished with Serperior, Darmanitan, Zweilous, Dusclops, Boldore, and Unfezant.
However, despite being happy that I had finished the game, something didn't quite feel right. I realized that if I wanted to feel good about playing Pokémon Y, I needed to go back and face Giovanni once and for all (and finally defeat Blue and the Elite 4). Over the span of 4 weeks, I dedicated all of my free time to playing through Yellow. I swept through every gym with Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Sandslash, and Butterfree, til I finally made it back to Giovanni.
On September 4, 2013, I finally finished Pokémon Yellow after fourteen years.
I am now truly ready for Pokémon X and Y.
Back when Rock Band was popular, I had found out that a girl I liked played it with a bunch of friends. Since I already knew how to play the guitar part (due to some work with Guitar Hero, I knew I had an edge to play well on expert level songs). The only problem was that I was in college and was too poor to buy Rock Band at the time. So I did the next best thing to practice: I sat at my computer with my unplugged Guitar Hero guitar and watched Youtube videos of all the songs on expert for weeks so I could learn them.
It worked pretty well. She was impressed.
 -Gabe W.