2. Bryan Cranston for Atari Mega Force

Before he was Walter White or even Macolm's dad, everyone's favorite meth cook was wowing television audiences as Hallucinating Guy on Chair. At least we're pretty sure he was, as the Cranstonian balls-tripper is only shown for half a second in this 1982 commercial for Atari's Mega Force. Either way, this video is essential viewing for anyone currently working on a "Breaking Bad but with perms" fan art project.

1. Wu-Tang Clan for Super Game Boy

Alleged chess-boxing prowess notwithstanding, Staten Island's premier martial arts-themed rap group is far better known for their skillz on the mic than the joystick. But in 1993 the Killa Bees swarmed to Nintendo's Super Game Boy, the miraculous Game Boy-to-SNES adapter that let you play Kirby's Dreamland in four colors instead of two. "It's amazing!" marvels Wu frontman the RZA, a baldfaced lie that casts serious doubt on the Clan's claim to be for the children.