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Pwn Up: Monstruos de Bolsillo
I recently went to a walk in clinic because of a suspected fungus growing under my toe. The doctor cut off the part of the infected nail to be sent to a lab so the fungus could be identified to help him with treating it properly. Three weeks later I get a call to come back in to talk to the doc about what's happening. He sits me down and says "This is a very interesting case… you see, the fungus growing under your nail has previously only been known to grow on plants" He didn't understand why I burst into a nervous laughter. I had to then explain how this is the exact premise of "The Last of Us"

If this infection becomes apocalyptic you know who patient zero is.

My sister was heartbroken that one of my villagers had left our Animal Crossing town. I decided to continue writing letters to her as if I were some of the villagers she missed.

So I live near an ex-nuclear power plant and this is the local bottled water…. When I saw it my first thought was that the Brotherhood of Steel had expanded their reach.

Pwn Up: Monstruos de Bolsillo

I just went to my local eye glass shop to pick up my prescription eyeglasses for the upcoming school year. I was so excited when I got them, not so much for the glasses but for the microfiber cloth and solution for my Gunnar gaming glasses at home.

As an undergraduate, I had to take two semesters of a foreign language. I took Spanish and BS'd my way through them both. When I got into my Master's program, they noticed on my transcript I had taken Spanish. They told me I had two options: take and pass Spanish 3 and 4 or take a language competency exam. Taking those extra classes would have added a year to my program, so I decided to try an unconventional approach to mastering the language.

I got a job working at a McDonald's in an immigrant neighborhood. I was the only white person there and one of maybe four employees who had English as a first language. I then downloaded a ROM for the Spanish version of each Pokémon game, and played through about one game per week.

On my walk to work and on my subway ride to school, I would watch Dragon Ball Z dubbed in Spanish on my phone. Since I already had a general idea of what was happening, I didn't have to keep consulting the dictionary and could follow the dialogue fairly well.

By the time I had to take that test, I was already spending six to eight hours each day speaking and reading in Spanish. The person administering the test asked me how long I had lived in South America.

The best part was actually taking the time to really pay attention to the plot lines of each Pokémon game. Getting my Master's in two years was nice, too.

And this week's "Depressing Yet Somewhat Uplifting" Award goes to…

Growing up me and my older sister used looked after our bipolar mum, but when we she finally got some sleep after a stressful day, we would put on the PS1 and constantly play demos because we got the Playstastion as a gift and we couldn't afford proper games. apart from the 3 we already had, until we were old enough to save for them.

During this time we had Crash Banicoot 1, Spyro 1 and Micro Machines.I played Crash and a Bomberman demo and she played Spyro and a Tombi demo, but together we played Micro Machines and demos of Tekken 2 & 3, she kicked my ass so much on the 2 player games, that one day when she won the car I had worked so hard to unlock on Micro Machines, I, which I still to this day regret, deleted ALL her saves on the memory card. She forgave me but, still, cardinal gaming sin.

A fair amount of years later, our mum who hated us playing violent games, one day woke me up one morning and gave me the game Maximo: Army of Zin for the Playstation 2 because she wanted to get me something she wouldn't of been able to get us growing up, that and my family name translated is Maximo which we had a good laugh at, every where I've moved to in my teenage/adult life I've made sure that is the only game I haven't lost.

Last year our mum committed suicide but I still on rare occasion put on Army of Zin even though I'm 22 now.

This Chrismas I'm giving my still nerdy sister a PS2 with Tombi, each Spyro & Tekken game and Micro Machines with 2 PS1 memory cards and maybe, just maybe, Army of Zin.