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Pwn Up: Videogames Are Fun
I was in Chicago visiting my sister at college and decided to wear my Ash Ketchum hat that I'd bought earlier because of how much I was into Pokemon. I was walking around the campus looking for the bathroom, and I found a girl who was probably a junior at the time and asked where the bathroom was. She told me and then asked if I was wearing a Pokemon hat. I said yes, and she said "my little brother LOVES Pokemon too." Then she asked how old I was. I said 14. She gave me a funny look and said "oh, my brother's 8" and walked away giggling. I never wore that hat again.-Tim

Two weeks ago, I went to China with my parents for vacation. When I was looking at a lot of different porcelain artifacts in the Temple of Heaven, all I could think about was how Guybrush Threepwood would be shuddering if he were there.-Rich

When me and my friend were playing a game we saw someone trip outside through my living room window. My friend said "that looked so stupid" and then I said "You should have seen it on my screen."

Then I realized what I said. I play too many games.-Shan

For most people during high school, they tend to hang out with their various cliques, form friendships and try to find someone of the opposite sex who will tolerate their presence long enough to call them boy/girlfriend.

At least, that's what I assume most people do, because my high school years were spent being obsessed with Maplestory instead. I spent dozens of sleepless nights grinding away, watching that experience bar slowly rise as the hours crawled on. The only reason I didn't just do that during the day was because the popular training spots were breeding ground for more assholes than what could fit in those maps. Of course, that never stopped me from also playing during the day, too.

Over the course of about four years I spent thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars on this free MMORPG. The time not spent playing was spent thinking about it. I visited Maplestory fan sites and forums for hours every day. I doodled characters in my school planner during classes. I started learning to do digital art so I could post fanart to those sites, and I even started doing comics based on the terribleness of this game that I was still devoting all my free time to. In retrospect I think I started getting fed up with how bad it was maybe half a year in. That sure didn't stop me from being obsessed, though.

Though Maplestory took the place of my social life until I left for college, it did give me something I really appreciate to this day. It got me interested in drawing during a time of my life where I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with myself, and these days I'm becoming more skilled with art and growing into a career as a game designer. Now instead of spending all my time ignoring friends and playing a video game, I'm spending all my time ignoring my friends and making a video game.

Moral of the story: find something more productive to obsess over.-Bitcoon

As some readers may remember, a few years back Pokemon celebrated its 10th anniversary by touring around the world with giveaways, competitions and exclusive news. I had convinced my mom to take me to one near us and waited in line for 4+ hours to get exclusive in game Pokemon like Celebii, Raikou, and Latias. The wait would have been worth it if I hadn't lost the game on a trip 6 months later. I'm still not over it, but I like to think someone else found it and flipped the sh*t out when they turned it on.-Zachary

I fell in LOVE with Steam about 6 months ago. I've spent like 200 dollars on it already. This one time I went to my local GameStop to buy a card and there was a person just standing in front of the Xbox games. I asked him what was wrong and he said that all his friends wanted to play CoD but he dispises the game. I gave him my $20 card, my steam account name and told him to meet me on TF2. We've been friends since.-Dylan