4. GoldenEye

The 10 Most FriendshipRuining Games of AllTime

For many, James Bond's N64 debut was also the first big multiplayer shooter experience. But unlike the other PC games that preceded it, GoldenEye had an extra factor that helped destroy untold numbers of friendships: you shared the screen with the other players, meaning everyone had a clear view of where you were at all times (even though screen-watching was a crime punishable by "give me your Fruit Roll-Up" in many places). Between this, the infamous Oddjob advantage, and incredibly-cheap weapons like the Golden Gun, there were a lot of opportunities for friendships to be ripped to shreds. Just sayin' - maybe you'll be a little more careful with your proximity mine placement with your next best friend, Jason.

3. Super Smash Bros. (series)

The 10 Most FriendshipRuining Games of AllTime

A trend you start to notice in polls like these is Nintendo games tend to just take over completely - weird, since Nintendo is the brand associated with a family friendly attitude, putting fun over competitiveness. As many will attest to, that stereotype could not be more wrong. It's the facade of friendly characters like Mario that puts your guard down, when suddenly the competitive spirit rushes over you and takes over completely. Smash Bros. has always been a perfect example of this: a game based on relentlessly beating the crap out of your friends (and since it's not online, you're pretty much forced to play with friends) and generally play any kind of underhanded move to ensure your survival.


2. Mario Kart (series)

The 10 Most FriendshipRuining Games of AllTime

A few things:

  • The bullshit shortcuts on Wario Stadium and Rainbow Road
  • Lightning right before a big jump
  • Blue shells

Fuck you, David.

1. Mario Party (series)

The 10 Most FriendshipRuining Games of AllTime

And here it is, the granddaddy of them all, the most friendship-ruining game in history: Mario Party. A lot of you probably guessed this, because at some point Mario Party became known ONLY for this. The game is pretty much the perfect storm for friendship-enders (aka "endships"):

  • Extremely long games, much of it based on chance (aka "The Monopoly Syndrome")? Check.
  • Forced co-op competitive play, leading to lots of yelling about your partner not rowing right? Double check.
  • Lots of straight up individual competitive play, with idiots BUMPING INTO YOUR ON THEIR DAMN BUMPER BALLS AND NOW WE'RE BOTH GOING TO LOSE GODDAMMIT?!?!? CHECK.
  • Stealing Stars by paying a ghost? WHAT THE SHIT, GARRETT?!

The end result is that you have no friends, your hands are mangled from some horrifying joystick spinning, button tapping, or Wiimote shaking, and you're playing Mario Party by yourself, which is the only thing sadder than playing Mario Party with friends.

I miss you, Garrett.