After nearly 200,000 votes (and lots and lots of comments about Dokapon Kingdom, which we owe an honorary shout-out to), you've decided the top 10 games that tore apart friendships like tissue paper. While some games incredibly did not make the cut, there's no denying that the games that did make it were built to test the limits of good sportsmanship and test relationships in ways that would make Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier piss their pants. Somehow I think those two would have split apart a lot sooner if they had to play Portal 2's co-op mode together.

10. Marvel vs. Capcom (series)

Well, it makes sense that if the worlds of Marvel and Capcom can't get along, why should you and your friends be able to? While the series pits the two universes against each other, they usually come together in the end to defeat some big bad (and totally cheap) mega-villain. Too bad the same couldn't be said for the friendships that were torn asunder by this game, such as when Darren was button-mashing and picking Cable LIKE A COWARD.

9. Halo (series)

The 10 Most FriendshipRuining Games of AllTime

The beauty of most online shooters these days is that your odds of ruining a friendship are far lesser than in the old days - since you can now just jump into games with anonymous strangers, you're no longer tied down to only being able to play when Trevor gets out of marching band practice. But that's the downside to ever playing with friends nowadays - people are being conditioned to be uncaring assholes at all times, no matter who it's against. THAT is why I called you a "little bitch" for driving the Warthog like an idiot, Trevor.

8. Mortal Kombat (series)

The 10 Most FriendshipRuining Games of AllTime

Most friendship-ruining games have a few things in common, but chief amongst them is the ability to take advantage of certain unfair quirks in the system to beat your opponent (aka "being cheap"). And lord knows that Mortal Kombat has had that in spades over the years, from Sub-Zero's irritating freeze abilities to Raiden's teleport-madness. But the real cherry on this anger-inducing cake is the fatalities: a final, brutal insult to the loser. Put Sonya Blades body parts back together, Eric, then MAYBE I'll consider re-friending you on Facebook.