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Pwn Up: Red Dead Rickdemption
In Red Dead Redemption, there's a story mission where you help Bonnie round up some wild horses and at the end you get to break a golden stallion. I named the stallion Rick, and he was the Silver to my Lone Ranger throughout the entire game. I never let Rick out of my sight…even on missions that involved riding in wagons or on the train, I always made sure he was following close behind. I refused to let Rick die and would load a previous save file any time there was an accident, of which there were plenty (he had a propensity to wander into firefights and attract mountain lions). I estimate that I lost around 4-5 hours of gameplay just from backtracking to keep Rick alive. I was LIVID at the end of the game when John helped his family escape on a horse and the horse chosen for the cutscene was just some random mustang and NOT RICK.-Charles

At work, I use Outlook to manage my task list. I red flag anything that needs to be attended to, sort the whole inbox by flagged first, and uncheck it when it's done. I realized today I'm just playing Skyrim with life now.-Garrett

For 8 months I was dieting meaning I ate healthy foods, whole grains, low calories and keeping an eye on my over all intake. My parents thought it was because I was doing it for my health. The real reason was I didn't want to look fat in the Iron Man cosplay I was building for a local con. -Janan

Pwn Up: Pwn

A couple years ago I decided I wanted to get my motorcycle license. I decided to take a motorcycle class because I didn't have access to a motorcycle of my own to practice on. At the end of the class I ended up failing the riding test by a couple points however, the class allowed me to take the test again for no extra charge in a couple of weeks. Bummed but still quite determined, I grabbed a couple of friends and went to a local arcade, where I spent the whole afternoon practicing riding on their motorcycle game where you can actually sit on and steer a motorcycle. I took the riding test again the next week and passed.-Cam

I play Maplestory a lot. Recently, I scrolled my rarest equipment. It was a 10 % fail, with 10 % chance to destroy. It was destroyed, on that slim 1% chance. I took a cushion and yelled "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKK!" into it.

The next day, I lost my voice.-Anonymous

And this week's "That Last Sentence Counts As Child Cruelty" Award goes to…_

We went with the kids to the movies to see Wreck-It Ralph. The whole theater was screaming at each hero: "look, there, Pac-Man !", "Hey, that's Sonic !", etc. Then came Q-Bert, the old videogame monster. And no one in the whole theater screamed. Nobody knew this poor old creature.

Then two kids shouted: "Hey, that's Q-Bert !". Only two kids out of hundreds. MY two kids. They recognized him!

I'm an Atari collector and my kids only have a 2600 as their main console.-Savino