20 More of the Worst Videogame Covers of AllTime

Cover art - it's the first thing potential customers see of a game. Before the internet, covers could make or break a game, given it was a lot harder to find info on any given game. So it's always a little baffling when a company puts out a game with an awful, poorly-made, ill-conceived cover. Yet they still did it, over and over and over again. Here are 20 more of the worst videogame covers of all-time.

(Note: see the first 20 here, and our coverage of the Mega Man franchise here)

Russell Grant's Astrology

20 More of the Worst Videogame Covers of AllTime

What's Wrong With It: Let's get one thing out of the way: I have no idea who Russell Grant is, and I refuse to take the 3 seconds it would require to Google him. I don't really feel like I need to know, because any game about astrology starring the failed attempt to combine John Goodman and Chris Farley's genes through cloning is probably going to be a terrible game, and nothing about this cover seems like it would appeal to anyone (with the possible exception of people who have an incredibly specific fetish about John Goodman and Chris Farley laughing at you).

Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition

20 More of the Worst Videogame Covers of AllTime

What's Wrong With It: "Hey, we've got a critically-acclaimed Batman game, so why not show off some of that critical acclaim and extra features ALL OVER THE COVER? Did you know that MULTIPLE outlets gave Batman: Arkham City All of the Numbers out of All of the Numbers? No one gave it less than the maximum allowable number. Did you know this Game of the Year Edition was declared 'Game of the Year' by someone? We better mention that phrase in two places, just in case people miss one and don't realize what they're buying is the Game of the Freakin' Year.

Also, if we have any extra space, fit that Bat-guy somewhere on here."

Final Zone II

20 More of the Worst Videogame Covers of AllTime

What's Wrong With It: "Hey, we need some cover art for FinalZone II fast! Turns out the first FinalZone wasn't the final FinalZone? Someone else should be naming these things. Anyways, I need someone to draw up a bunch of soldiers in bulky, ill-fitting armor aiming weapons in different directions. It doesn't matter if you have any understanding of perspective, composition, or what it looks like when someone's holding a gun. Make it five people, but since there are only four known hairstyles in the world (bald, 1980's Mom, Mark Hamill, and David Bowie), just put one of them under a helmet.

Oh, and if I don't see a bunch of random explosions in the shape of cobwebs everywhere, don't bother showing up to work Monday."


20 More of the Worst Videogame Covers of AllTime

What's Wrong With It: I...I don't even know. Pac-Man has beaver teeth and a body? They're in a medieval maze? Pac-Man has a jogging outfit on with a picture of himself on the tank top? It feels like someone described Pac-Man to the cover designer instead of allowing them to play it for three seconds. "Well, you're running through a maze, eating circles. Also you got a big yellow head and ghosts are chasing you. Hope that's enough to go on, I gotta go take a champagne bath to celebrate the eternal success of Atari."

Street Warrior

20 More of the Worst Videogame Covers of AllTime

What's Wrong With It: "You walked into the wrong neighborhood, buddy. The Street Warriors run this place - and if you don't have bizarre bulging muscles, no shirts, elastic waisted trackpants, incomprehensibly-huge calf muscles, and feet that are literally twice the size of your head, then you're pretty much asking for trouble. You want me to sic my statue of a dog on you, Mr. Bigshot?

Also, are you a doctor? Pretty sure our bodies are like nothing but tumors."