1. Be Tim Schafer

3 Surefire Tips To Starting a Successful Videogame Kickstarter

Cannot stress this enough: being developer Tim Schafer is the most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your videogame Kickstarter. Being Tim Schafer gives your project the air of quality that simply isn't there for projects run by non-Tim Schafers.

People who have been Tim Schafer have a 100% success rate (see: Double Fine Adventure, Massive Chalice), and have had all their projects funded well beyond the initial goal. Those who pledged seemed to have an implicit trust in projects run by people with the name, physical body, and history of Tim Schafer.

2. Do Not Not Be Tim Schafer

Projects run by those who were not Tim Schafer have a much lower chance of success: according to Kickstarter, the number of projects that fail to meet the initial funding goal have all been run by someone who is not Tim Schafer. While there have been successful endeavors also by a non-Tim Schafer, it is (so far) more or less a coin-toss if you begin a Kickstarter while not being Tim Schafer.

3. Set a Reasonable, Attainable Goal

3 Surefire Tips To Starting a Successful Videogame Kickstarter

You have to choose your funding goal very carefully – it needs to be high enough to actually fund the project to completion, while taking into account the cost of rewards and Kickstarter's fee; but it also must be low enough so that you can be reasonably sure you'll be able to meet your goal.

Also, the person who sets the goal should be Tim Schafer. Tim Schafer should also be the one who made the project and will lead it. That way, regardless of what you set the goal as, you will be funded hundreds of thousands of dollars beyond that, guaranteed.