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Pwn Up: Hey Guys Whats Up
My family is fully aware of my obsession with Kingdom Hearts, so when Kingdom Hearts 3D came out and the ending said KH3 would be released soon, I was more than sure it would come out in the PS3. With a few good arguments and explaining how a PS3 would be better than our current (at that time) PS2, my parents finally bought it. At this year's E3 though, when KH3 was finally announced I was more than excited, but a little dissapointed it was coming for PS4 and Xbox One. Now I'm hoping it'll release when I finish studying and have a job so I can buy it myself, and I'm just 18. See you in four years, KH3.-Stephanie

I was playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and just doing some nightly rounds to look for new insects, since it was the initial days of July. I had just seen a scorpion and started walking towards it (I have to mention I was out for dinner and had run into some of my cousin's friends, who had just finished eating and were leaving). One of them extended his hand to say goodbye just as I was getting near the scorpion. I ignored him for a few seconds but then he said: "You need to let go of videogames from time to time." This made me lose concentration, release the button beforehand and finally get stung by the scorpion. To this day I still haven't caught the scorpion and refuse to shake the guy's hand.-Alberto

Lately, I've been going on walks around a nearby lake (probably about two miles) with my girlfriend after work every weekday. She really enjoys it and we talk about everything. However, the real reason I've been going on these walks is that since I got my car about a month ago, my 3DS has had a lot less play coins than normal because I don't have to walk to the train station every day to get to work and school.-Dylan

One day when I was playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf I decided I was going to be a dick and then quit without saving. So I saved the game and then started pushing around the villagers and hitting them with my net. Then a balloon present floated by and I got really annoyed. I restarted the game and lost my balloon hat all because I felt bad for making Jacques a little sad.-Shan

My cousin and I just recently got back from our vacation to Florida. We visited the beach several times during our trip. One time while we were enjoying the waves he looked out along the shoreline that stretched on for miles and pointed out and noticed a city in the distance. He said "Why is that city out there all foggy?" And I couldn't help but tell him that the render distance for the beach had not loaded yet.-Jeremy

And this week's "Slightly Different Kind of Marriage Than Last Week's" Award goes to…

I have been married to Aela the Huntress in Skyrim for over a year, actually longer than my real life marriage! I just started the Dawnguard DLC and became a vampire. When I came home, Aela was gone; she was always home. The next couple of times she was gone as well. I thought since she was a werewolf and I was now a vampire, she left me. This made me actually very sad. One day I came home and there she was; I was so happy! I told my real wife this story and she replies, "Is Aela the one with the sideboob you always talk about with your friends?"-Forrest