Every now and then, we get such a great and thorough story submitted to us, that we have absolutely no choice but to run it as its own very special edition of Pwn Up. This is one of those times.

This weekend I attended PAX Australia with my girlfriend. I may be the only Australian to have attended the very first PAX in 2004, and the expo holds a special place in my heart. I had also been looking for a good way to pop the question, so as soon as PAX Aust was announced, I began conjuring an elaborate plan. It began with giving my girlfriend a mysterious envelope several months ago, that she must keep with her at all times in case the time comes to open it.

So on Friday, we both cosplayed as Lucas and Dawn, the player characters from Pokemon Gen 4. When she least expected it, I began to play, from a very loud portable speaker, my own karaoke version of the pokemon theme song, with the backup vocals changed from, "Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!" to "You're the one, you're the best of all!"

Pwn Up: Hey Guys Whats Up

While singing the song, I got down on one knee, pulled a Pokeball out of my pocket with was a ring inside, and once the song was over, I said "I choose you. Will you marry me?"

Pwn Up: Hey Guys Whats Up

…she said yes, with tears streaming down her face, at which point I told her it was time to open the envelope.

Pwn Up: Hey Guys Whats Up
Pwn Up: Hey Guys Whats Up

Inside was a note saying "Congratulations! Your BOYFRIEND has evolved into FIANCÉ!", as well as a handkerchief to dry her tears.-Michael Lynch

The Official Pokemon Proposal Song:


  • Lyrics in (parenthesis) are sung by backing singer only.

  • Bold lyrics are sung by both singers.

Verse:You help make me the very best, like no-one ever was.To please you is my real test.To love you is my cause.

I could travel across the land, searching far and wide.I'd never find a better girl to ask to be my bride.

Chorus:(You're the one, you're the best of all)It's you and me, I know you're my destiny.(You're the one)Oh, you're my best friend, upon you I can depend. (You're the one, you're the best of all)Your heart's so true, and mine only beats for you.

I'll spend my life loving you,You're the one!(You're the best of all)You're the best of all!(You're the one)

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Photo credit: Megan Lee & Tara Stuart