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Pwn Up: Animal Crashing
Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf has made me realize how horrible a person I am. I really like all my neighbors, like Ivan, Butch, and Sprinkles. But the neighbor I really don't want to be in my town is Deena, mainly because she is too common and I want to see the new neighbors. So for days I have been constantly pushing her around and whacking her with my bug net. One day, Deena wanted to talk to me and I was really hoping that she wanted to talk about moving out. Out of nowhere, she hands me a common wall. Now those walls aren't worth much and I really didn't need it, but that gesture just really touched my heart. After that, I whacked Deena a couple more times with my bug net.-Curtis

Recently I had to bring my laptop to a shop to get repairs for the battery. When I got it back a week later, they noted that there was a extra fee for keyboard maintenance. I almost broke my keyboard from mashing the F key while using the Dowsing Rod in Psychonauts -Charlie

So, My mom has this little suction-cup-hook-thing in the shower than she keeps all her scrubby things on. And, it tends to fall down a lot. Like, once a week. It's not a very strong suction cup. Another thing I need to say is that I'm a pretty avid Minecraft fan (trust me, this will be important in a minute). So, I was getting ready for work the other day. And as I was brushing my teeth, the suction cup decided to fall. My back was turned to it when it happened, and all I heard was "ssssssssssss" and then a big crash. As soon as I heard the hiss, I bolted out of the bathroom, and the first thought that crossed my mind was "What do I have in my inventory? I'm going to lose everything!!!" Needless to say, I didn't lose any of my inventory.-Jake

The other day, I went running with my 3DS in hand in order to register enough steps on the pedometer to get the full 10 Play Coins for the day so that I would have a surplus to buy fortune cookies at the Nookling Mart in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Now, my running schedule revolves around when I need more coins to get Nintendo themed furniture for my house.-JCE

My cat likes to cuddle up on my lap when I play games. Warm, comfy lap plus remaining largely immobile for a long period of time is very easy cat math. I never thought much of it except for the internal debate on whether or not the adorableness of her holding my arm and using it as a pillow was worth the reduced gaming performance of losing an arm(it usually is). This led to me playing more games that I could play more easily with one hand such as the turn based Civ5. I also realized that she has learned to recognize the theme music of a few games and comes running when she hears them. I suspect my cat might like games more than I do.-Ryan

And this week's "Cool Dad" Award goes to…

My dad is Indian and fits the stereotypical "hardworking immigrant who made it in a foreign country" trope. This, however, resulted in him not being around when we were younger as often as we would have liked. He was working rigorously to provide for me and my siblings' futures. Since we were younger, we were always able to connect through gaming though:

  • We had Super Mario for the SNES when it was first released. Whenever we ran into a level that was too difficult, we would ask our dad to beat it for us. As children we didn't realize what he was doing for us, but now I realize how much he cared. He would come home 2 AM, after a long 8+ hour shift, and stay up and play until he beat that level so we could continue the next day.
  • When Donkey Kong Country first came out, I had asked my dad to purchase it for Christmas however it was sold out everywhere. He spent the next 3 days tracking it down 'til someone at a store came through and was able to grab the last copy. So my dad drove across town to pick it up just so I would have it on Christmas day.
  • Of course I cannot forget to mention one of his most epic and memorable moments. My dad will forever be known as the man who defeated Wizpig (Diddy Kong Racing).

So here is to you dad, if i can grow up to be half the father you are, I'll be a pretty amazing father.-Sumit