Honorable Mention: Harabec Weathers & Caanon Weathers (Starsiege)

The Dorklyst: The 10 Greatest Hero Villain TeamUps In Videogame History

Anyone here remember Starsiege? Man, Starsiege! It had a pretty epic backstory, which I'll simplify very briefly as "robots are attacking! Get in your giant robots and attack them back!" Before that you and your rebel friends were fighting an evil empire on Mars. Then the evil empire sends its chief goon after you. Turns out that chief good is the rebel leader's older bro. cue drama. Just when the sibling rivalry bursts into intergalactic war, the aforementioned bad robots attack, forcing you and the empire-types to work together. You do such a good job as buddies that the older brother inducts you officially into their evil empire at game's end. That would probably have led to an awkward conversation with your old rebel buddies back on Mars, but lucky for you the robots pretty much killed them all. Starsiege!