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Pwn Up: We Love You Guys And Thanks For Reading The URL
This is regarding Austin's complaint about fighting the Lungfish boss fight: You ain't got no right to complain about Psychonauts until you have endured the horror that is the F*CKING MEAT CIRCUS. I dislocated a toe while kicking a hole in my wall over that, and inadvertently introduced the word "motherf*ck" to the vocabulary of a 2 year-old.-Ameer

During a mighty shift on Skyrim, My friend & I came up with our own version of Adele's Skyfall. I now sing this everytime I hear the song, watch the movie, play Skyrim or do anything else in life.

At the SkyforgeWe make good swordsAt the SkyforgeWe make swords for Companions

At the SkyforgeWe make good swordsAt the SkyforgeWe make swords for werewolvesAt Skyforge-RMD

Back in the summer of 2000, when I was 10 years old, and my sister was 7, my parents took us to Universal Studios in Florida. While we went on a bunch of fun rides, the thing I remember the most is the trick I played on my sister:

After I had gotten out of a ride, there was a little souvenir shop, and it had cool rocks for sale. Being the little kid I was, I decided that they were totally worth it. I remember I liked these cool chrome looking rocks the most. My sister was with my mother at the time, so she never saw them.

The next time I saw my mom and my sister, we were getting ready to go into the 3D Terminator movie. It was pretty much the same kind of 3D we have in theaters today, but back then, it was pretty awesome. Well, there's this one part in the movie where a giant liquid metal terminator was blown up, and pieces of it were suspended in the air. My little sister thought that it was amazing.

After the movie ended, I told her I grabbed a piece of the blown terminator out of midair. She said I was lying. I pulled out the chrome rock, and she just stared in awe at me. The best part of this story? She believed the lie FOR YEARS. Every now and then, when I think she's getting a little too big for her britches, I quietly hand her one of the rocks. And she gives me an angry glare.-Nicholas

I recently watched Man of Steel. In it there's a scene where Superman is floating then he drops to the ground. I had been playing Minecraft (Xbox Edition) so much the first thing I imagined was him double tapping A to fall to the ground.-Shan (yes, that Shan)

I'm a professional MMA fighter with a record of 4-0. My main motivation for getting into martial arts back when I was 12 was Dragonball Z. It was the closest I could get to those guys. On a side note, about 60% of the fighters in my gym closely follow Marvel or DC cartoons. I feel like half of all fighters are kids who wanted to be superheroes and got curtailed by human limitations.-Tapos

And this week's Great Responses to the Sonic Hedgehog Protein Story From Last Week Awards go to:

It seems the contributor of the Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) story in the July 1st Pwn Up is unaware of the origin of the gene name, so let me share: the gene Hedgehog was originally discovered in fruit flies and named after the phenotype resulting from its deletion. Three human homologs were found later; two were named after actual hedgehog species, while the last was named after the Sega character. Thus, "Sonic Hedgehog" reminding him of our blue friend is no coincidence. As a side note, you can only take gene names so far. The cancer-related gene ZBTB7 was originally going to be named "Pokemon", but threat of a lawsuit stopped that one…and "Pikachurin" now goes by the vanilla name of EGFLAM.-Daniel

I am a geneticist with a PhD. Regarding your recent post mentioning the Sonic hedgehog gene (abbreviated Shh), I can assure both you and the original poster: the joke does not go over our heads, we're just used to it. It arises from the fly (Drosophila melanogaster) research community, where they have some even more creative names. Some examples: a gene whose mutation causes alcohol sensitivity is called Cheap date, another whose mutation causes females to be unresponsive to courtship rituals is called Frigid, and a mutation in the Indy gene doubles lifespan. Indy is an acronym for "I'm not dead yet!" The fly version of Shh, when mutated, causes little bristles to show up on the larva, and the name stuck in higher organisms.

These are all well known, so I will tell you one story that is NOT well known. It sounds like the fly gene community will let anything get by, but one prominent researcher was forced to name some genes he discovered "turnip, rutabaga, and cabbage". Mutations in these genes produce learning and memory problems in flies. This was not his original choice. He first offered to name them after his competitors in the field. The fly research community, ladies and gentlemen.-Zach

Regarding last week's Pwn Up: yes, there is a protein called Sonic Hedgehog. But more importantly, there is a potential inhibitor of the protein known as Robotnikinin. If you're interested in more dorky humor, look up SMAD proteins.-David