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Pwn Up: Sonic the KnowledgeHog
A few days ago, I went to a presentation of a scientific project. It was about medical stuff, and I was distracted and kinda bored. However, at some point I recognized the words "Sonic" and "hedgehog" being said by the doctor, so I quickly looked up at the presentation to confirm that what I heard wasn´t my imagination. It turns out that there's a human protein called Sonic hedgehog and it seemed that I was the only one in the room who notice the reference to certain blue character.-Anonymous

The Lungfish boss fight in Psychonauts caused me to break my $400 TV.-Austin

I was checking out at the convenience shop in my university. The line was long and due to the fact that it was 9:00am, some people were still groggy and grumpy. In spite of this, the cashier was very friendly and nice. She was asking the customers random and sometimes funny questions as she rung them up. When it came to my turn, she asked me

"If you could be the very best at one thing, what would it be?"

"Pokemon training," I answered, without a moment's hesitation.

"Like no one ever was?" she added.

We high-fived.-Christopher

I've been seen outside recently doing leg work outs, and wearing men's dress shoes modified to have the heel be 3 inches. For most people I say I do leg works outs to run faster and the heels are for an upcoming role (I am currently a theater major).

What they don't know is that I am practicing using heels so I can cosplay Raiden from the Metal Gear series soon, and the work outs are so I can pose and hopefully swing a sword using my feet like Raiden does. -Jordan

Growing up playing a lot of Counter-Strike, Project IGI, and Tom Clancy games, I had come to fancy a career in the military. And at age 23, I was selected to join the military academy in my country. Playing games, my favorite move was always rolling to cover and shoot. I was eager to demonstrate my skills to the other cadets. The first roll I tried bruised my head and the subsequent hour long sessions of rolls (to haze us freshmen) left me with a contusion on my spine (alongside a bleeding and bruised tailbone). Now I find it cruel to ever roll the game characters. -Sam

And this week's "Please Do Not Spend Thousands of Dollars On a Car and Do This To It" Award goes to…

I came across this car recently. I'm almost 30 and don't know how to drive, but I think I might learn just so I could drive something like this.-Joi