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Pwn Up: Let Sleeping Dogs Lay
So I have a license, but I do not own a car. For the past six years the only driving I've done has been from driving a big-ass work truck. Over the past few days, I have been playing Sleeping Dogs quite a bit. The game takes place in Hong Kong and, of course, the roads are opposite of American roads (you drive on the left side in the game). I have not driven the truck in a while and today was the first time I got to in months. I take a left and calmly keep the turn tight knowing that the left side of the road is my direction. Imagine my surprise when a car comes headlong at me and I swerve into the right side of the road remembering that I am not in Hong Kong.-KDL

So there is this local Pokémon tournament in my town that I wanted to enter myself in – but they were using SoulSilver and HeartGold, and all my Pokémon are in Platinum (over 300). I spent a whole night in SoulSilver catching 300 Pidgeys to trade into Platinum for my best Pokémon.

I ended up winning the tournament.-Anthony

I've been seeing this girl for some time now, and suddenly she starts showing more interest for my tattoo (I have the hearts from The legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on my arm), like what game its from and so on… Well today I found out she had an ulterior motive with the information, and here is the result…-Esben

Pwn Up:

Shortly after beginning Skyrim, I gained my first and only follower – J'zargo. He and I became inseparable. J'zargo was with me through thick and thin. Whenever I was on the brink of death, J'zargo would be there to save me.

But one day, disaster struck. J'zargo and I embarked on a mission to steal some treasure from a bandits cave. The mission was going well, until suddenly we were ambushed by a mob of bandits. After a long battle, I quickly exited the cave. Back outside, I realized that my companion was nowhere to be found. I immediately warped, thinking he was stuck and would catch up with me, but he never showed up. I was devastated. I even went back to the cave looking for him, but could find him nowhere.

A couple of days later, after much anguish and lamenting to everyone around me,my friend and fellow Skyrim player enlightened me as to the use of console commands. Immediately, I warped myself to J'zargo's location. To my horror, I landed atop his dead body hidden deep in the cave. I began screaming and was even on the verge of tears. My friend offered her condolences and gave me another console command to bring him back to life.

I was overjoyed as I saw the life return to his body. That was, until I spoke with him and he made a cruel remark, refusing to follow me. As I walked away from my dear friend in despair, he told me "You have caused J'zargo too much pain." Every so often I see him from a distance and feel a pang of despair about our lost friendship. I now roam the lands of Skyrim forever alone.-Stephanie

A while ago, when I was still playing World of Warcraft intensively, I would not let anything interrupt me from playing. Unfortunately I would play for so long that I would often get hungry during gaming sessions. One time I ran to the kitchen to get something to eat (my mother left a meal in the freezer so I only had to warm it up). But standing in the kitchen for 15 minutes to cook the meal was too long for me – so instead I took it upstairs, turned up the heat of my radiator to maximum and placed the plate with the meal on it. I continued playing and waited for the meal to be hot enough so that I could eat it. After having waited for over two hours with the meal still not being warm enough, I just gave in and ate it like that.-Christoph

And this week's "I Used Pokemon To (Something)" Award goes to…

Prom was coming up and I wanted to ask a certain girl out – but I didn't know exactly how to approach her. Then I found out she liked Pokemon. I downloaded an emulator for my Android phone and – well, I did this…-Jacob

Pwn Up: Let Sleeping Dogs Lay