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Pwn Up:
12 year old me was pretty ignorant about technology (I had never seen the internet at that point). So when I got "Enter the Matrix" on PS2, I thought the hacking feature – the one used to unlock cheats – was real. I had almost no idea what a hacker was and the menu seemed pretty legitimate to me at the time. I simply thought the game gave me the option to go into the game's coding and modify it so that I could bend it to my will. The thing is, I was afraid to try it out for fear of ruining the game forever and making the game a waste of valuable money. One day, I caught my little brother messing around with the feature and I panicked. I ran up to him, screaming for him to stop, and yanked the controller out of his hand. I turned off the system and told him all the way's I'd make him pay if the game was messed up. After discovering that nothing was wrong, I sat him down and explained how serious hacking the game was and why he shouldn't mess with that feature of the game. It wasn't until about 3 years later that I learned how stupid of me it was to believe this.-Mario

When I was very young (about 5 years old) and living in Argentina, my parents were determined that I learn English. O never really liked the language, so learning was very difficult. But when I was 8, I started eagerly studying English. I told my parents it was because it would help if I ever traveled to the United States.

But in reality it was because I got just gotten an N64 and a copy of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I got stuck before entering Hyrule Castle after the 1st dungeon, and I scouted the whole map trying to find the next thing to do.

At the time there were no internet walkthroughs or guides, and nobody here played N64. So I checked every sign in Hyrule and talked to every NPC I could find. Eventually I figured that if I learned English, I would be able to finish the game.

I did learn English and beat the game. I'm now a fluent speaker, all thanks to Link.-Agustin

My grandma always knew I loved to play videogames, and one day back around 2008 she told me to come over to her house because she bought something for me and my brother. I went over there not really knowing what to expect. When I got there she had a PS2 that she had bought so we could play games when we came over there to visit. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was well into the next console generation. After that I made a point of digging up my old PS2 games just to give myself a reason to go over and visit her.-Cole B.

I've loved the Animal Crossing series since I was little. I've played every game to death and pre-ordered the newest installment all the way back August of 2012. Now I'm a senior in high school, and I don't always walk around with my 3DS in my pocket, so Play Coins for me are scarce. I found out about the Fortune Cookie system in the new game and I was dying to find out as many ways to get easy coins as possible. For me, it was simply just shaking the 3DS up and down vigorously. One night, I was sitting in my office chair, trying to collect some coins to get another Fortune Cookie. My mom opens the door to the room and walks in. Immediately she sees the back of my chair and me, shrieks, and demand I turn around. Apparently, shaking something up and down right in front of you can be interpreted a few different ways when looked at from behind…-Cole

My family has hosted a number of exchange students throughout the years. In 2003 we hosted a boy from South Korea named TJ, he and I played video games together and were very competitive. One of the main games we would play a lot was Tekken 4. After losing many rounds to him I spent a lot of time training with Craig Marduk. When I played him I would use other fighters so I wouldn't show off that I was getting good with Marduk. When I was ready I challenged him and won 7 fights in a row. We had a madcatz controller that TJ refused to use, so I always end up with it. towards the end of the first round of the fight the D-pad on my controller broke completely off and the analog sticks didn't work either. I managed to not only win the first round but also the second without being able to move.

TJ was so angry about this that he refused to play Tekken with me for several weeks.-Aaron

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In the In the Pwn Up: Cities and Knights from October 14, 2011, I told how every week since they were born, I take photos of my sons with teddy bears to show their growth and how on week 56 I would do a video game inspired photo. I had sent in 2 photos of my oldest kids dressed up as Mario and Link. I mentioned how my wife was pregnant at the time and how I was hoping for a girl so we could do a Samus-themed photo. Well we had another boy and when we were trying to find a name, we could not decide on one. I had attempted to write a story in my youth and since I was terrible at coming up with names for the characters, I had used Final Fantasy names as placeholders. My wife had read the unfinished work and really liked one of the names. So it came to pass that Locke was born and it was easy to come up with the week 56 photo.-Jeremy P.

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