1. Marine

    Ahh, I got cut deep bro.

  2. Marauder

    Hang in there! We'll get you patched up quick.

  3. Marine

    Did you bring a Medic?

  4. Marauder

    Even better, a Medivac.

  5. Medivac

    Talk to me.

  6. Marine

    Is that new? Are they going to do the surgery in the ship?

  7. Marauder

    Nope, they do it from the air.

  8. Marine

    What?! How does that even work?

  9. Medivac

    We use a complicated system of lasers to cut and suture you up, but I pretty much just point and shoot.

  10. Marine

    From hundreds of feet in the air?! What about painkillers? Do you have anesthetics?

  11. Medivac

    Nah, just more lasers. Hold still.

  12. Marine


  13. Medivac

    Sorry, turbulence.

  14. Marine

    I swear I'm fine. I can walk it off…

  15. Medivac

    I SAID HOLD STILL! After I'm done here we can do some laser eye surgery and take care of those glasses.

  16. Marine

    I'd feel more comfortable with a hydralisk slicing off my corneas.

  17. Medivac

    Well your medical records indicate that you're due for a physical. As long as I'm here I'll do that too.

  18. Marine

    I'm not letting that laser anywhere near my balls.

  19. Medivac

    Fine, what about checking your prostate?

  20. Marine

    I can check it on my own.

  21. Medivac

    Whoa dude, whatever you do on your own time is none of my business.

  22. Marine

    Can you please just stitch me up? Wait… what's that probe doing here?

  23. Medivac

    I need it later for tests.

  24. Marine

    Okay… but if it pylon rushes my backdoor I'm out of here.

  25. Medivac

    How else do you expect me to warp in an enema?

  26. Marine

    Are you f#$*ing serious!?

  27. Medivac

    Joking, joking… we use a nydus worm for that.