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Pwn Up: Ill Never Forget You, Fisherman Ralph
I remember when Pokemon Gold and Silver came out, I played it to death. One part I remember is that trainers would call you up just to say hi or brag about their Pokemon. One such trainer called me once or twice and I decided he was my friend. His name was Fisherman Ralph. I would call him every time I turned my Gameboy on just to say hi and every time before I saved to say goodbye. I still think about him sometimes I wonder how hes doing. -Kyle

Yesterday I spent 6 hours getting all of the music from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Now I know that isn't all that amazing, but you see the normal soundtracks took not even an hour each to find and download. It was finding the complete Adventures of Herbert Daring Dashwood that took the other 4 hours. I was so happy that I cried a little and even went as far as to clear the entirety of my mp3 player so it only has these songs.-Smiley

One time, I was walking along and saw someone dressed mainly in blue. I immediately looked to the bottom right of my vision to see which color I was before remembering that I was not playing Team Fortress 2.-Daniel

Me and my betrothed are really excited about Pokemon X & Y. So we have been working with our Black & White 2 games, making specific teams leveling Pokemon and all that jazz. Just recently occurred to us to use our teams to settle any argument whenever we don't see eye to eye. I'm kind of eager for our next argument but dreading going up against her team.-Anonymous

I work in kitchens and dream of being a chef someday. A few months ago I was playing Skyrim and stumbled across a cook book. At the time one of my jobs was to test and correct recipes for publication – so I soon found myself sitting there with a pen and a piece of paper, re-writing the recipes I found so they would work for home use.-Adam

Pwn Up: Ill Never Forget You, Fisherman Ralph
I spotted this and asked the owner of the car if they knew what their license meant. They said they did, but it was actually the combined initials of his grandparents. Definitely not what I thought.-Ploptropics

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Kind of a sad story here. My mom died when I was two, so I often visit her grave. I've also been a Transformers fan since I was two, getting into it shortly after she died, at the start of the Armada series. I quickly learned all I could about Transformers. So when I visited my mom's grave when I was 4-7 years old, I would pretend the Transformers scientist Wheeljack was inventing something that could bring her back to life.-Henry