Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (Konami's Best Edition)

Worst Covers In Videogame History

What's Wrong With It: Wow. WOW. The sheer audacity of using an existing picture of the old game for your "Konami's Best" edition is pretty damn impressive. I mean, it's horrible and insulting to the entire idea of videogame covers, but still - the commitment to laziness is damn solid.

Then again, let's all keep in mind that the series is named "Castlevania" and that might be the laziest title for a major franchise in history, so laziness really shouldn't come as a surprise. "Dracula lives in a castle in Transylvania, right? So we just call our game...Draculacastle? Draculavania? Transylula? Wait - I got it! Castlevania!"

Crack Down

Worst Covers In Videogame History

What's Wrong With It: This is not what facial expressions are supposed to look like. Why is there a monkey? Is that a Stormtrooper on fire? There are so many problems with this cover, it really boggles the mind. Then again, when you sacrifice your firstborn child to a demonic goat god in exchange for a videogame cover, you take what you can get.

Bust-a-Move 2 Arcade Edition

Worst Covers In Videogame History

What's Wrong With It: "Remember the part in Clockwork Orange when the hyperviolent rapist/murderer is put through a series of disturbing therapies in order to be conditioned against his old ways by holding his eyes open and drugging him while playing films depicting violent and sexual acts? Yeah, that's what we want people to think of when they think of our fun bubble-popping game. Oh, but let's make it matches holding the eyes open, because that's somehow even more fucked up." - A Brilliant Marketing Executive

Irritating Stick

Worst Covers In Videogame History

What's Wrong With It: Actually, for a game literally titled "Irritating Stick" - this isn't THAT bad...until you look closer. For one, this game cover really drives home that the game IS titled "Irritating Stick" (with MS Word text effects, no less). Also, the stick they include doesn't really look particularly irritating. It looks like a pretty average stick that you would expect to just mind its own business and not irritate you at all. Really dropped the annoying ball on this one, guys.

Ghost House

Worst Covers In Videogame History

What's Wrong With It: (see above image)

Look at that. It's a picture of a hand holding a cartridge of the game - with the title on both the cover and the game in the cover. That is a pretty confusing and lazy way to come up with a game cover - but the worst thing is that on the actual cover of the game "Ghost House," there are exactly 0 ghosts and 0 houses. They pretty much screwed this up on every level, or they accidentally switched covers with an unreleased game called "4 Bats."