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Pwn Up: Future
Last night I drank a few too many beers with my neighbors. I didn't remember going to bed, but when I woke up, Animal Crossing: City Folk was playing on my TV. Apparently I'm an excellent fisherman when I'm drunk, as my entire inventory was full of Sea Basses. I'm just glad none of my neighbors moved out.-Justin

When I was 9, my mom took my brother and I down to the local bowling alley to play a few games. Once we got there, I noticed that they had a booster box of the original set of Pokemon cards sitting right behind the bar. To my surprise, there were only two packs left. I begged my mom to buy them for me. She finally did, and I was so happy that I might be able to own one of my favorite Pokemon at that time, Pikachu.

I opened my two packs, and was upset at the fact that there was not a single Pikachu card in there. However, I did open up a holographic first edition Charizard and Blastoise. I did not really care for those – so, just like most of my cards, I just put them away in my desk drawer and forgot about them.

Recently I got looking into them on eBay to see how much they were worth. I saw the price of Charizard, and I was astounded! The highest price I saw it going for was $700. I hated Charizard with a passion. And, when I was younger, I used that card specifically in the spokes of my bike.

I regret to this day that my quest for a Pikachu made me waste away a potential gold mine.-Phillip

Once I had a worksheet in Spanish class that had a crossword puzzle on it. One of the clues was "____ Vegas". Without even thinking about it, I put "New." It was later on when other words didn't work that I realized that the answer was "Las". Moral of this story – too much Fallout: New Vegas can mess with your mind.-Nathan

When I was 3 years old, I would always watch my brother play the NES. I wanted to play, but I was too young – so I studied by watching the controller while he played games. Eventually I was allowed to play – but when I picked up the controller, it was upside down (because of how I watched my brother play, I learned all the buttons backwards and could only make it work by playing with an upside down controller). Playing my friends and brother always left them amazed when I would beat them repeatedly while holding the controller upside down. This continued until the N64 came out, and I had to learn the proper way. Whenever we play the old NES though, I still play with the controller upside down, and I'm still pretty decent.-Kevin

I have a 4-year old nephew who I sometimes babysit when I don't have work. My definition of "babysitting" is seating him on my bed and playing games for him to watch. I've been doing this ever since he was 2-years old, and now if I don't play a game, he would complain that he's bored and ask me to play something. I got Devil May Cry when it came out a few months ago and would play it (with him watching). After a few days of answering to "What's he doing? How did you do that?"s, I finished the game on Nephilim, and decided to let him try. I didn't know how he would do, so I set the difficulty to easy and walked him through the controls. After talking him through the first level, I fell asleep while watching him play. I awoke some time later to find him making his way to the Succubus. I noticed he was holding the controller awkwardly, and after watching him for a while, it turns out he was holding it like that because his small hands couldn't reach all the buttons he needed to hold down to switch weapons and do the grappling QTEs normally. I'm not sure whether to be more proud of him because he got to the Succubus in 4 hours, or that he's able to play holding the controller the way he did (sitting criss-cross with the controller braced against his legs, his palms on the L and R buttons, and his finger on the joysticks and pad). Sometimes I forget – this kid is 4-years old. I'm a very proud uncle.-Aaron

And this week's "Wait, Is Dorkly Cool Now?" Award goes to…

I teach sophomore English and my students know that I LOVE video games, so we work them into lessons and discussions whenever possible. Recently, one of my students made me an actual Nuka Cola bottle as a supplement to his Nuka Cola advertising campaign (TOTALLY his idea!). It was absolutely one of the proudest moments of my teaching career to date. I bragged to everyone in my department and also to my husband, but none of them understood what I was talking about and they weren't very impressed. So I decided to turn to Dorkly to brag to people who would appropriately deem this as cool.-Laura

Pwn Up: Future