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Recently, I was taking a U.S. history final exam. One of the essays I had to write was on the U.S.'s role in WWI and the League of Nations. About 5 minutes before I turned my exam in, I realized that I had written League of Legends instead of League of Nations everywhere. I furiously erased as many of them as I could, and replaced them with League of Nations, but I missed one. My teacher was very confused and took a point off, citing that she had searched "League of Legends" on her computer and was disappointed that I had confused them.-Andrew S.

I met my girlfriend by playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. I trapped her in the reactor on the Reactor Hazard map (on purpose). She yelled out "YOU TRAPPED ME, YOU TEAM-KILLING F*CKTARD!" I realized the quote since it came from Red vs. Blue, and it was love at that moment. Turns out she lived in the same town as me, we met up and have been happily together ever since. I'd say we're about even on the number of team-kills against each other so far.-WM

I recently moved away from my best friend, who would always come over and have long gaming sessions together. He made the long drive over and after playing a lot of Resident Evil 6, we went to look at his grandfather's old house, which was empty and up for sale. After finding the back door open, we looked through the house – but every time I opened a door, my left trigger finger twitched, to get my gun ready for zombies.-Samuel

Because of depression, I'm always on some kind of medication. Recently I changed to a new set of pills and they make waking up and getting out of bed really difficult. One morning I got a phone call about an hour or so before I usually get up, and decided to just go ahead and get out of bed. The first thing I thought as I staggered and stumbled my way to the dresser was "Might as well begin the startup process".-Eric

My 7 month old niece was sick for a couple days so she'd been cranky, miserable, fussy, and crying. None of the usual stuff made her happy. I was sitting with my legs crossed on the floor trying to cheer her up. I'd just about given up when I started tapping on my knees. It's a habit I have when I'm bored to tap out random tunes on whatever surface is available. For some reason, even though I hadn't played the game in years, I started tapping and humming the song that plays in Final Fantasy 6 when you're walking around The Veldt. My niece stared at me in awe for a moment until bursting out into a hysterical giggle fit. Now I call her the "wild child" and tap that song when I want her to laugh. I'm already thinking about making a girl Gau costume for her next Halloween.-Allen

My dad recently got into Game of Thrones. When his birthday was coming around, I checked the store to see if they had any GoT0-themed cards – they didn't, so I took matters into my own hands.-Jacob

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