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I'm practically blind in my left eye, and I've always wanted to do a cosplay that allows me to take advantage of that. A friend mentioned Naked Snake of Metal Gear fame, as he famously loses an eye and even wears an eye patch.

I got really excited, starting looking for fabric and patterns, stopped shaving, gathered a bunch of reference images… and died a little inside when I realized Snake loses his right eye, meaning the eye patch would be over my one good eye. Screw you, Kojima.-Sam

A few weeks ago I was in my English class, writing an essay. I got to a point where the best word to use was "Experience." Being a huge fan of RPGs, specifically Fire Emblem and Pokemon, I had no idea how to spell it and nearly didn't make it past the EXP.-Ben

My cousin had her first child a few years back. She's practically my sister and I am now the godmother of a beautiful boy. I recently went into town to visit her and my godson. He's the coolest three year old I know. He likes to quietly sit in my lap while I play video games, he doesn't get scared at monster movies, and his favorite toy is the pull-apart zombie doll I got him for Christmas. I managed to convince her to let me take him home with me for a week so I could spend some more time with him.

After his return home, I received a rather upset phone call from my cousin. She demanded to know why her son was now obsessed with zombies and and told his father that he would have to "shoot him in the head" if he ever turned. However, what she was most upset about was the embarrassment he caused her at my grandfather's funeral. He demanded to take his toy shotgun and while at the grave yard patted me on the leg and said, "Don't worry Skye-mama, I will protect you from the zombies." He continued to interrupt the service by shooting off the toy gun. When his mother took it away, he screamed at her, and wanted to know how she "expected him to be able to blow out zombie brains." I thought it was pretty cool.

Lo and behold. I am banned from babysitting for a while. -Skye

So, prom is coming up, and I had this clever idea on how to ask my girlfriend to go with me…

I borrowed her HeartGold version of Pokemon, along with Pokemon Diamond. On her HeartGold version, I caught 22 Pidgeys and on my own Pokemon Pearl, I caught 22 Unowns, enough to spell out "Will you go to prom with me?". I then traded the Unowns over for the 22 Pidgeys, and arranged them in her PC in Box 2 appropriately. Then I sent over 2 Vulpixes, one named "GO TO PC" and one named "BOX 2" and put them in the lead of her party, so as soon as she turned her game on, she would see to go get the message.

I then caught a female Stunky (one of her favorite animals is a skunk) and a male Vulpix (my favorite animal is a fox) and taught them both the move Attract and put it in the box with the Unowns. The whole thing took pretty much a whole weekend.

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She said yes.-Tyler

I saw this kid has the greatest birthday invitation ever post and when it came to my birthday party I didn't even think twice. I've been a huge Sonic fan since I was 3 years old, and now I am finally satisfied with my Graphic Design college degree (but sadly very few friends understood the joke).-Kayo

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And this week's "I Don't Even Want To Know" Award goes to…

The toughest decision in my life was choosing softcore porn or Bioshock. I chose Bioshock.-Austin