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I have my local Gamestop on speed dial. Also, every associate there knows me by my first name.-Michael

We have certain rules in my home about shutting off everything after 9 PM because they are the "rules". I dont have a flashlight and my phone's brightness is very dim, so for a while I had to stop reading comics mid-climax of the story. One night, the dreaded 9 PM rule was on attack mode in the middle of Invincible Iron-Man: The Five Nightmares, and I wasn't going to sleep without finishing it. So trying to read it with my awful phone's brightness, I remembered last Christmas I was given a blue lightsaber keychain. I scrambled to find it as quickly as I could. Now when our 9 PM rule is in effect I will always have my blue lightsaber by my side to read my comics like any Jedi, if Jedi read comics.-Carlos

A few weeks ago, in the Awards Season entry of Pwn Up, I mentioned that my sister's dog "ate" my Nintendo DS Lite. So I thought I'd clarify a few things:

  • The dog is perfectly fine, no problems whatsoever
  • I will be getting a new 3DS for my birthday
  • The game that I had in the DS at the time was unharmed and still works (THANK GOD)
  • My DS was more chewed than actually eaten. I got back the remains to prove it (see picture below)

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I take so much time deciding on what pre-order incentives to get and spend hours finding a store to get a particular game at (for the price-matching), that I'm now known to the staff at the local EBGames store I frequent as "the guy that comes in and always gets his games price-matched", mainly after trying (and succeeding) to save 1 dollar off a copy of Red Dead Redemption GOTY.-Chris

I'm a huge fan of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and the Game of Thrones TV show. I just finished re-reading the third book and have been re-watching Seasons 1 and 2 of the show in preparation for Season 3. I've wasted countless hours reading forums and discussing all the crazy fan theories about the books and I've watched every trailer and bit of promo footage at least a dozen times. It drives my wife crazy (I'm pretty sure she thinks I love Game of Thrones more than her…), but that didn't stop her from getting me the best birthday cake ever…-Brady

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And this week's "Low Confidence Tattoo" Award goes to…

Even before I turned 18, I started planning out tattoos that I would eventually want to get. Well, I turned 18 in December, and I had a difficult time choosing which one to get done first. After much debate, I finally settled on this one, because it reflects my lifelong love for videogames, and the Zelda series has always been near and dear to my heart… or should I say hearts?-Julian

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