1. Toad

    Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!

  2. Mario

    Well, okay-wait, what?

  3. Toad


  4. Mario

    Another castle? You mean there's more than one castle?

  5. Toad

  6. Mario

    Because a castle is a pretty big deal. I was all "well, here's the castle! And a boss battle! Game over". Seemed pretty final.

  7. Toad

    We have a lot of castles.

  8. Mario

    What kind of housing market exclusively has castles? And I have to return Princess Peach to her castle…

  9. Toad

    Everyone has a castle!

  10. Mario

    Not me. I live in Brooklyn. Luigi sometimes goes hungry.

  11. Toad

    Only Luigi?

  12. Mario

    Yeah. I'm Mario over here.

  13. Toad

    Well, whatever. You're just a plumber. I'm a Toad, okay? Big deal. Anyway, this castle is in another world-

  14. Mario

    Another world?

  15. Toad

    Yeah. So you better get going, right? Lots of castles to explore. Spoiler alert? She's mostly in another castle.

  16. Mario

    How did you even get in all these castles?

  17. Toad

    Back entrance.

  18. Mario

    That a-would have been good to know.