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Playing Medal of Honor, a kid came into the room and asked if we were "Christ followers" because his mom would only let him play with "those who have been saved." I laughed at him and told him I'm Jewish, even though I'm not. He immediately left.-Dustin
Heard in lobby of Cod MW2"That's right Chris.  You can just curl up inside me like a tauntaun."-Andy C.

My friend and I were playing Halo when some random kid sent out a mass message saying that he would sell his account for microsoft points and included his cell number for urgent questions. We decided to call and once we confirmed that it was actually him proceeded to tell him that we worked for microsoft and what he was doing is illegal. After telling him that we were going to ban his Xbox from ever going online again he started crying. A lot. We tried to give him a fake number and name to call if he had any questions but once he started to actually write the number down (still sobbing) we lost it and both started laughing hysterically.-Ryan F.

The other day I was playing Halo and this kid and his brother were playing. The brother was about 14 and the kid was 6 and then we heard the kid say he heard something in the kitchen so his brother went to check it out. He screamed at the kid saying RUN GO HIDE IN THE ATTIC AND DON'T COME BACK DOWNSTAIRS UNTIL YOU HEAR THE SIREN. Then I heard footsteps and the 14 year old told the lobby to call the police. I haven't heard from them for a week.-Dario R.
Me and a few friends were playing CoD MW2 the other day when a few Italian guys came in, around 20 years old I'd guess. They obviously didn't speak English very well, but still tried to trash talk us. Their leader came up with this gem of an attack:
Italian guy: "Hey, You there (Gamertag)!"Me: "What?"Italian guy: "Your Mother… She is behind me!"Me: "So… you take it up the ass from my mum??"Italian guy: "…No…"
We all laughed at the guy so much, him and his friends all backed out without another word. PROTIP: Learn English before trying to insult an English speaker!-Lewis B.
In Battlefield Bad Company 2, one of my squadmates proclaimed, "I just Tupac'd that mother with my glock, oldschool!" after killing the passenger riding in a humvee with his M9 pistol.-Billy
So my buddy and I were playing Red Dead Redemption in a Free Roam lobby and just riding around and having fun. He stepped out for a smoke and came back and within minutes I hear "What the fuck are you doing, mom? Mom, get the fuck outta here! NO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU. MOM I FUCKING HATE YOU! GET OUT!" I'm laughing my ass off the whole time simply because I don't know what's going on and I can hear his mom talking in the background. So I ask him what she's doing and I hear " SHE'S TRYING TO CLEAN MY FUCKING EAR! GAH! I HATE YOU! GET OUT! Jeeeez, she does this shit all the fucking time." -Jeremiah N.