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When it comes to turning videogame ideas into TV shows, or turning TV ideas into videogames, that weird alchemy only works going in one direction. Television shows adapted from videogames are mostly goofy crap. But these ten television shows got adapted into videogames that are worth playing again and again. They prove that more TV should live on in playable pixelated form (even if it's only in our imaginations).

10. Animaniacs

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There's a lot of ways you could go with an Animaniacs videogame adaptation, and I'm still holding out for a Goodfeathers shoot-em-up. With so many options, Konami ended up making two different games based on the show, and got it right the first time with their earlier 1994 version for Sega Genesis. You get to bound through a movie studio lot with Blazing Saddles-like glee, alternating between Yakko (special attack: a paddleball), Wakko (special attack: a mallet), and Dot (special attack: blowing kisses), with a battle at the end against Pinky and the Brain. All in all, this game's as fun as a Wheel of Morality segment with Sonic-esque playability.

9. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

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Being a somewhat campy action-fantasy TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer seems like an ideal candidate for a fun beat 'em up videogame. However, by the mere fact that most live action TV shows rarely translate well to videogames (see also: 24, The Shield, Mad Men 64), most attempts at making a Buffy videogame were pretty bad. What sets 2003's Chaos Bleeds iteration apart from the rest of the pretend-you're-Sarah-Michelle-Gellar pack? Well it's the first Buffy game with a multiplayer mode and the first one to not play like the developers were distracted by ogling a polygonal Sarah Michelle Gellar the entire time. Even better, it's the first Buffy game where Buffy isn't the only playable character. That means the parts of this where you play as Faith aren't really canon, you can just pretend they're Kickass Eliza Dushku Hotness minigames.

8. Tiny Toon Adventures

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Was TV's Tiny Toon Adventures more than a Muppet Babies wannabe? Hard to say, but its NES version kicked so much ass compared to the Muppet Babies kids' games. Konami's 1991 title launched the whole Tiny Toons videogame series, and its multiple playable characters had unique abilities (Buster Bunny's Sonic-esque momentum, Dizzy Devil's Taz-style spin move, etc.) help set the gameplay apart from other sidescrolling games on the market at the time. But perhaps most importantly – it contained a Star Wars parody (facing off against Duck Vader) back in the days when that sort of thing was considered fresh and original.

7. WWE Raw 2

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First of all: this is not a sports game, because it's based on scripted TV entertainment with fictional drama, fictional drama in real sports notwithstanding. And WWE Raw 2 for Xbox does a better job of everything the previous TV entertainment game did by adding a season mode, along with Hell in a Cell matches and Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches. Most importantly, WWE Raw 2 offers a strong Create A Superstar system, because pretending to be The Rock will never be as fun as pretending to be kicking The Rock's ass at Royal Rumble. Memo to CM Punk: get some mental escape through this game since Sunday's main event didn't go your way.

6. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

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This game did for fast food workers what Super Mario Bros. did for plumbers: turn them into viable heroes for jump-and-kill platformers. Made for all of 2003's best gaming systems and for PC, Battle for Bikini Bottom lets you turn SpongeBob (and in the console versions, Patrick and Sandy) into a robot-squashing defender of his hometown. It then adds to the fun with big bad robot bosses, mini-games like Whack-A-Tiki and Cruise Bubble Challenge, and NPCs you've always wanted to interact with (have a conversation with Gary the Snail sometime…pointless and yet SO WORTH IT). Best part of all: SpongeBob's world of characters may or may not be the result of nuclear testing, which makes this SpongeBob video game a secret forerunner of the Fallout series.