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I was playing Skyrim while I had a friend over, and we were talking while I played and he watched. At one point he looks over at me and asks me why I was talking so softly. I was crouched, hidden, and looting a house at the time – I was taking things a little too far.-Isaac

When I was about six years old, my dad bought us a Playstation with two games: Spyro (for me) and Aliens (for him). One day my dad walked in my room while I was playing Spyro, and he noticed I was still on the first level. I looked to him as serious as I could and told him that I loved the game and I never ever wanted to get to the end of it, so I never saved. Recently I found my old Playstation and I decided that it was time to finally get to the end of Spyro. I cried when I saw the ending credits. -Dorien

I always cook Hot Pocket Snackers the same way.-G

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A friend of mine spoiled the ending to Far Cry 3 with the two choices you have to make in the game. I've been debating which ending I would pick for the past week or so, even though I won't even start playing the game for at least another couple days (waiting for my friend to be done with it).-Anonymous

I don't know whether or not you guys are familiar with the Game Grumps, but in basic form, two guys play videogames and hilarity ensues. Anyways, They have been playing Sonic '06, and in one of the Shadow levels you ride a random vehicle down sewers and they start to compare the game to Half Life 2. They were jokingly saying that it was the worst game they ever played, continuing with saying it had bad level design, all you do is walk, etc. The problem is that I didn't realize they were joking until they admit 5 seconds later. It was too late for me because the minute I heard them talk badly about Half Life 2, I slammed my laptop shut going "NOOOOOOOO!". I was about to compose an angry email, when I went back to the episode and realized they were joking, with me sitting there embarrassed. I never thought I could get so defensive over a game like that.-Jonah

And this week's "I Know The Word 'Battle' Is In The Title, But This Is Ridiculous! Also, Seriously, You and Your Brother Have Some Deep-Rooted Non-Videogame Related Issues You Should Really Deal With" Award goes to…

When my brother and I were little, one of my fondest memories is when my older brother obtained a brand new Nintendo Gamecube along with the new release of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. We mastered the campaign and memorized the places where you would jump off the railing and fall half way through the Grind Race stage while gaining a huge advantage in the race, my brother did this so much that I could never beat him in this level, and in my frustration, I unplugged his remote and proceeded to strangle him with the wire, however being the older brother he threw me off, sat on me, and made me watch as he abused my Hero Chao in the Chao Garden, and then proceeded to delete my file. Needless to say we both haven't played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle in years, yet I have a feeling this would probably happen again.-Anonymous