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I teach senior math at a high school and I wrote an exam question about a Bullymong's population growth and decline. Was very disappointed that no one mentioned "Vault Hunters" as a reason for the decline – everyone just did the work as they were supposed to.-James

I once got into a fist fight and dislocated my wrist because my friend kept saying that Fire Emblem 11 was the only good Fire Emblem, and the rest were terrible games with terrible characters and story. Turned out it was actually just a prank – he only did it to annoy it. We haven't spoken since.-Dan

When one of my Genesis controllers stopped working, I gave it a proper sendoff: I lowered it into a trash can while saluting and playing Exodus on my laptop.-Joseph

A couple mouths ago I decided I wanted to start collecting old games, starting with SNES because it was always my favorite as a kid. My plan was to just spend a little bit of money on games every month because I'm planning on going to university next year, and I really need to save for that. I quickly found a bundle of games I was looking for – all three Donkey Kong Country games, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, FF3, Super Mario RPG = plus they were all in their original boxes with instruction booklets! Even though the bundle cost $300 and I was already in danger of not being able to afford school, I had to buy it. I had to take the bus to get the games, and on the way back a hot girl started to talk to me about how she used to play Secret of Mana when she was a kid. We talked for the whole ride. When I got off, I asked for her number so we could play SoM some time. She gave it to me, but when I got home I was so excited I played SoM straight through. It was the best day of my life. The best part is I never had to call that girl for help because I finished the game all by myself.-Logan

After a severe asthma attack, I was stuck in the hospital and on meds that made me feel depressed. My dad told me to recite the Military Alphabet to distract my mind. However, I could only remember up to Foxtrot, and the only reason I got that far was because of the Ranger Stations in Fallout: New Vegas.-Nathan

When watching the College Humor video "The Adventures of Kim Jung Un," the part I found the funniest and got far too excited over was the use of a sound effect at the very end which I instantly recognised as Bora from "The Greatest Robot in the World" episode of Astroboy.-Michael